Secrets of Living the No Limits Life

The No Limits Life is all about courage.

This is for people who want courage to step out of the expected into the authentic.

The No Limits tribe is full of people who don’t want to be stressed out, working jobs they hate in relationships that stifle them. They are sick of self-help books, seminars and Social Media Therapy.  They can’t post or read one more inspirational message without gagging.

They want to thrive.

They want to feel in touch with their own guru.

But they are afraid and ready to stop being afraid.  

“What will people think? What will people say? What happens if I change? My life isn’t what I want, but what if it gets worse when I change?”  They exclaim.

“Oh, but what if it gets better!? Can I handle better? Do I deserve better?  Who am I to ask for more?” They whisper.  

Members of the No Limits tribe are their best assets and allies’ and worst enemies and obstacles.

Living the No Limits philosophy means having ideas they want to follow, but aren’t sure how. They want to have more ideas and impact the world in a positive, big way.

No Limits people don’t want to live small, they want to live big, without limits and without constriction on the good they can do. They are fierce, independent beings who have too long not allowed their true nature to shine.

No Limits people want to be the guru of their own life.  They want to create a life right now that they love and build a vision for the future that they lay bricks for every single day. Family, exploration, creativity and spirituality are key values for my tribe.

Some of them want to express their creative and spiritual gifts and talents and callings in a way that creates a purpose based profitable lifestyle for themselves. They want to move past the old idea that being a creative or a spiritual professional can’t pay the bills and create the lifestyle they want while simultaneously serving others and sharing messages in a big way.

Seekers of the No Limits life have settled for too long in the lives they have built or fallen into and are ready to make some changes that allow them to be more, do more and live more fully.  They are going to walk through things that scare them, they will stumble and fall over these things but they will get back up and keep moving.

No Limits seekers crave courage within to do what fear says is too hard. They seek to do what their programming declares impossible. They yearn for the energy of creativity and spirituality as a way of life and not just something they do.

This is about being afraid and doing it anyway.  They are ready to face the fears and heal them, to face the old programming and reprogram it. They seek personal development and growth and are open to new thoughts, patterns and perspectives.

They want to be in love with their life – every single minute of it. They are ready to take action step away from the expected and into the authentic. They are ready to learn to Guru their own life.

Is this you? If you want to guru your own life, I’d love to have you drop me an email at

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