Fight the Funk! 3 Ways to Get Over It When Your Dream Gets Funky

For most of us, it feels scary to take the leap into the vision or dream you hold in your soul.  Some of us do it anyway.  We embrace the fear, hold it close and transform it into fuel for the journey to become that person we feel called to be in this lifetime.  Our dreams become our new reality and we are ecstatic.  We are living the No Limits Life.

This ecstasy lasts a while, sometimes a long while. For some of us it never fades, there is no right of passage law that says you have to go through a dark time.

But some of us feel a funk setting in at a certain point, and it sucks.

We can fall into a funk because it just is not as shiny and fun as it was in the beginning.  We have a choice as the initial ecstasy begins to fade: We can decide to see the bigger picture, revise our vision from this new foundation we have built and let the journey continue to even bigger dreams and visions, or we can just slide into oblivion.

About 3 years ago I arrived at the decision that I was going to go for my dream.  I left my corporate job, went into business for myself and built a thriving life coaching practice.  Busy as hell, I realized I needed to rework how I worked and set about creating a stronger foundation.

And everything started changing – in some cases by my own conscious decision and in some cases because I made decisions that had natural consequences.  Over time, as things shifted, I found myself moving farther away from the new foundation building and the continuing journey I wanted and more into the funky side of funk as I lost sight of the fun and excitement and got caught up in drudgery.

I found there are real consequences to letting this funk take root, the kind of consequences that require more than the “oh it will pass, trust spirit” kind of bullshit platitude.

I want to share three of the consequences I experienced and what I learned about getting over them in the future.  This is for those of you out there, in business for yourself and floundering a little, might not feel so completely alone.

This is for those of you who refuse to slide into oblivion.

  1. Financial. This can be a big one.  When your excitement over your business fades, your ability to shine so brightly that the people looking for your services can’t help but find you also fades.  Your cash flow slows, your profitability decreases, and your new business growth declines.  Therefore your long term plan shrinks and without an optimistic vision for the future, your business fades.

I don’t think I have to describe the panic, anxiety and absolute terror this can incite.  Those of you who have felt it know it well and those of you who want to avoid it hold the specter of this bogey man in your mind well enough.

Get over it: Push pause on everything about your business that does not excite you.  Yes, this might feel impossible, but you aren’t quitting, you are pausing. Pick one thing that you are excited to deliver to the people looking for you. Pull into your mind the conversation you’d love to have with your next client or customer and focus on that project or product.  Tell everyone about it: newsletter, blog, social media, networking meetings, phone calls, random conversations in the line at the coffee house, your barista…you get my point. Talk about it, give it energy.  If you don’t tell people you have this amazing, kickass product or program, how will they be able to find you?  Once they access it, your cash flow is jumpstarted.  Try it, turn your shine back up.

  1. Wellness. When we start freaking out about stuff, we can internalize the crap out of a bunch of…crap. As it builds up and we get further entrenched in our foxhole with fear, we manifest illness. Illness is the opposite of wellness. We move further and further from wellness the more we embrace fear and the funk.  Illness can manifest as physical illness: depression, anxiety, weight gain, colds and flu, pain and more.  Or it can be more emotional: anger, rage, sadness, despair and depression again.  Or worse, you get both and functioning becomes so hard you don’t even want to get out of bed each day.

Get Over It: Stop and listen.  Get conscious of what is happening in your physical and emotional bodies.  You can’t even begin to address it if you don’t stop and acknowledge that it is happening. Take inventory of your diet, your exercise regime, your meditation or reflection practice and your practices for letting off steam.  To achieve and maintain wellness you need to have all of these in place – your physical and emotional bodies keep running on nothing.  Also notice, when you put crap into them, you get crap out so watch what you are feeding them both.

  1. Relationships. We tend to be most authentic with those closest to us, so when we feel nasty and funky, we get nasty and funky with the people closest to us. This does not make them our biggest fans in most cases. No matter how much they love us, there is only so much they can take from us before they lash back and tell us to fix ourselves or fuck off. We contaminate the place we should be able to reach for solace with our own bullshit.

Get Over It: Be honest.  Open up to those closest to you about what is going on.  Ask for their insight and listen.  Tell them you are having a tough time and that you want them to be on your side, know that any ickiness isn’t their fault, love you through it and be patient.  Ask them to hold you responsible for creating the new vision and to help you direct your energies that way.  But this isn’t up to them, it is up to you so you have to stay honest with yourself too.  When you are tempted to lash out and blame or enlist someone else in your emotion, pause and get honest and deal with it in a healthier way – maybe refer back to number 2 here.

With those 3 energies in mind, gauge your funk level and see if you need to employ any of these practices now to get back on, or stay on, track.

The idealist within wants to believe that if we step into our purpose and follow our calling that life just gets easier.  To some degree, this is true.  But it also requires more from us.  We have to hold ourselves accountable and step up in big ways when we are asked to.  These can be very scary and we can shy away from them.  When we do, the funk can set in.

Fight the funk. 

Fighting the funk requires vigilance, resilience and awareness of self in ways we may never have had to before. If you want to learn to access your inner guru who can help guide you in this awareness, click here to access my InnerGuru Guide and sign up to receive more insights on living the No Limits Life.

I love hearing other’s experiences, what other ways would you advise to get past the funk and get on track or stay there as you have fulfill your calling?

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