There is no Right Path, there is Your Path – Are You Committed to Walking It?

We wake up, we decide something. Or something just happens to us and we find ourselves on a path.  Sometimes we look around and decide it’s a pretty cool place to be and decide to stay the course and enjoy it.  Sometimes we look around and wonder how the hell this happened.

Which camp are you in? Are you in the “it’s pretty cool here, I will hang” or the “WTH” camp? If you are in the second camp, I am talking directly to you right now.

It doesn’t matter how it happened, it matters what you do now.

I recently had a meltdown. I wondered how the hell my life had gotten to where it was. I railed at the universe begging it to tell me what it wanted, what I was supposed to be doing.  It felt like every decision I tried to make, every course I tried to follow was blocked or so rocky I couldn’t overcome it regardless of my efforts.

This manifested in the physical realm as we were slammed with a snowstorm and my paths were literally blocked, I couldn’t even get home – the hill too steep and slippery to climb.  I clearly saw the metaphor.  And seeing it only made the pain of frustration continue to build.

The same day, I had broken a crowned tooth and the path to fix it felt so financially unattainable that fear gripped me.  All I kept seeing were the competing images of the money raining down on me to fix it and walking around looking like a toothless hillbilly the rest of my life.

I found myself in my studio in complete despair asking my partner why I should even go on.  Why bother anymore?  My practice is down, my bills are mounting, my tooth is broken, my insurance sucks…why even try?  Why not just give up and say fuck it, I tried and it didn’t work.

As I said those words, I rebelled inside.

I don’t quit, I see the obstacle and I kick the shit out of it and persevere. This is what I do.  I see the limit and I tell it no. 

But in that moment of despair, I was willing to let the limit win.  Even typing those words now after the passage of time, my heart aches and I feel like I have betrayed myself by thinking that for even a moment.

My path is the No Limits path.  I made the conscious decision to walk the No Limits path after finding myself on a different path I had fallen into in an effort to run away from a life I believed to be everything I never wanted.  I found the No Limits path after waking up over a period of time and wondering how the hell I ended up where I was.  I found that energy again when I had my breakdown.

As with every experience I have, I wondered how this could benefit others, and I realized that in all of these instances, I was forced to ask myself a few key questions.  These questions get my head and my heart straight so that I can walk my path in full consciousness and awareness and service to spirit and my fellows.

If you find yourself questioning “how did I get on this path?” – ask yourself these questions through journaling and meditation and get rigorously honest with yourself. 

  1. What the hell am I doing?
  2. What part of me am I feeding with this activity?
  3. Am I busy or productive?
  4. Is where I am now getting me closer or farther away from the vision of my future self/life I have?
  5. What is the most important thing in my life right now?

These questions serve to center you where you are as well as remind you of where you are going.  In other words, you choose your path and you commit to walking it.

It feels easier to just go with the flow you are in right?  It feels that way because you have to take fewer actions and make fewer decisions about what is really right for you.

But what if you aren’t in the right flow?  What if the path that flow is in isn’t the one you really want?  Well, then you need to commit to a new path and a new flow.

Choose where you commit, choose the path you commit to.  There are No Limits to the ways you can be and live in this world, it is a pretty awesome place.

I survived my meltdown. I made it home, I recommitted to my path.  I did it by using those questions first in discussion with my partner and then in communion with spirit in meditation.  And spirit said, “share this and commit to your path.”

What are you doing right now?  Are you committed to your path or are you looking for a new one?  Comment below or email me at with your thoughts.  Then head out to to grab your free InnerGuru Guide with 3 practices to get in touch with your own inner guru to guide you through trying times.

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