Why I Pick my Titles Last (and how intuition is a key team member)

So many articles pass my viewfinder on the topic of blog or article title selection and many of them tell me to pick a “spectacular title” then write on it to gain attention and move forward, others say spend lots of time making sure you have the perfect one, others hand you a list of title prompts to use. All of this is useful information and completely usable.  Below are a few of these articles for reference. To be clear I am not arguing with them as being wrong or not helpful, because again, they really are useful. I am just saying that isn’t exactly how it plays out in my style of creating.

Contentmarketinginstitute.com offers this one on picking the best title.

Copyblogger.com offers 10 headlines that are a little different and sure to work

Problogger has this older, but I think still relevant post on how to draw readers in with your title

So yes, there is lots and tons of advice on the “best, most effective” method.

But none of them exactly fit the way I do it.  (nor do I have hundreds of thousands of followers, so trust your own intuition here – read on for more on that)

Woohoo, big rebel me.

I have a hard time writing to a topic specifically. I have an easier time finding a thread, as I did today in my musings, and letting intuition guide it for a few hundred words. After a few hundred words, the topic, theme, point becomes pretty clear. Using this method, sometimes you get the bonus of a couple of articles popping out!

Intuition is an amazing guide in just about everything – I would challenge you to find a situation where it is NOT an amazing guide. Go ahead, comment below if you have a nominee.

However, if I am right, if intuition is a fantastic guide to writing, then let intuition guide the words and the title will emerge as well.   I find that the opposite leads me to less authentic pieces and honestly just makes me feel a little fake which leads to nausea and nobody wants that.  Nobody likes nausea.

Being a soul who has committed to living life on her terms, trusting her intuition and living authentically, it just feels right to create the piece and let it name itself!  I tend to avoid the formulas, but I do incorporate title naming convention where it feels right – intuitively guided.

And by the way, this applies in other life areas as well (you knew this was coming didn’t you? I am an intuitive life coach after all!).  I use this technique when I am working on my torch with glass. I use it in planning, or not planning as the case may be, my time with my son.  I use it in shaping client experiences and guiding them through the art of living dangerously, living authentically and living right for them.

Let the path unfold before you, let the story write itself and be named. Live your Life Limitlessly. visit http://www.nolimitslife.guru to learn more on the “how”

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