Belief is Absolutely Not Enough

It is little stuff. Little stuff that makes up the big stuff.

Talking with a fellow entrepreneur the other day we commiserated over the way small stuff can rapidly add up and make you wonder if you really are on the right path.

If you believe the some of the spiritual gurus out there, all you have to do is believe and have faith in your divine calling.

Simple belief doesn’t pay the bills though.  Action following belief does. A more authentic group of gurus teaches us this.

I grow weary of reading all of the rhetoric on how belief is the key.  I call bullshit.  Belief backed by action is the key to anything. I can sit on my ass all day long believing I am an excellent coach. That gives you absolutely no insight into how I can help you. Other than the obvious privilege you would have of gazing upon my glorious piousness.

I came face to face with this myself recently.  See, I love to travel. Love it. Crave it like co-op cuisine (a seriously serious craving for me).

In my former lives as a military officer and then marketer and strategist at an international company, I got to travel a lot.  Even on vacations I got to move about to visit family in different locations and attend weddings or other celebrations all over the place. I used to wax poetic about how lucky I was to be able to travel to fun places like Sydney, Singapore and Paris for work.

When I went into business for myself, my traveling slowed.  Let’s be honest here, the company was no longer footing the bill.  But also, I embraced the belief that I couldn’t afford it and didn’t have time. So I didn’t even look, despite my son’s persistent inquiries as to when we were going on an airplane again.  He did inherit my travel bug.

So I refused to take action in the face of my belief that travel was a part of my soul and necessary, because I believed it not possible. In this case, my belief was backed by the action of inaction.


I got into coaching because I want people to see past their limitations and start taking small actions to make great strides toward whatever they want in life. I loved the idea that I could coach from anywhere in the world.  I wanted to coach from everywhere in the world.  This was and is my vision.

So why not travel?

I have decided that I want to take my show on the road.  I want to move about the country and deliver the core messages of the No Limits Life to you live and meet you and visit your cities.  I want to move around the world and immerse in your culture and style and energy and feel it wash over me and through me and share that signature fearlessness I hold to inspire you into your own adventure.

I am compiling a list of places I am going:


San Diego



Santa Cruz




New Orleans

Eureka Springs



Kansas City

And more as they strike me. And they will.

Nope, I don’t have dates yet and I don’t have locations either! They are coming. What I do have is a growing list and a determination to make this happen.  If you live in one of these cities and want to help out with location ideas or promotion, let me know! Or if you live in a super cool city – or city that could use a dose of down ass chick, share it with me! As a small town raised girl, I am very open to small towns too!

So this idea that little stuff makes up the big stuff that I started with: How is it connected? Travel is just a component of my overall life.  Travel makes up one aspect of a very rich life that I love and enjoy and want.  It is a small piece that I have to take action to embrace. I could make that list above, I could even connect with a few of you and take one or two trips. But then I could let it fizzle.  I could imagine that my belief will continue to propel it forward.  It will ONLY if I keep taking action.

I will keep looking at cities, towns and events, I will keep seeing the best workshop or event for that city.  I will keep developing them. I will keep looking for events and workshops in those cities that I can sponsor and in those small actions my belief will become even more deeply rooted.

What dream or desire are you holding onto that you need to take some small steps to make big impact with? What small step can you take today to get you closer making that big impact on the people you can touch with your actions?

If you need more inspiration, please check out this article from Tad Hargrave on Why “Stop Playing Small” is bullshit.  It helped inspire me to take this small action.

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