Do You Make Smarter Choices Every Day?

Today’s centering thought in the Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Challenge was “Make Smarter Choices Every Day”.

Do you? Do you make smarter choices every day?

We’d like to hope so right? We’d like to hope that every single day we take the wisdom we have collected from the days accumulated and apply to what we are faced with in this very moment.

But we don’t in all cases.

For example, a few years ago I intuitively invested in the decision to stop using unnatural chemicals of any kind in my life.  I have been relatively successful with a slip or two here and there. But when it comes to my body, I have been rigorous. All of my body care products are natural, no added harsh chemicals and I feel better.

So what possessed me to try a “high quality” moisturizer gifted to me that I knew wasn’t compliant with my choice?

I knew it wasn’t chemical free. I knew it wasn’t all natural. But I fell into the old programming of it being a brand name and expensive so it must be good.

I now have chemical burns near my mouth from using it.

This is a product I used for years in my former life of believing the advertising.  I bought the entire line and applied it vigorously as directed.  I bought in.

So why did it burn me?

Years later I believe the intuitive decision I made to stop putting those chemicals on my body has been proven.  After detoxifying over time, my body knows what is natural and what is not and it does not like the synthetic, laboratory created crap that we as consumers and chasers of the fountain of youth have longed for. Instead, my body is telling me that what the earth provides is enough; that the natural path is the way to go.

My body is telling me living chemical free is the smart choice.

What choice are you making in your life? It may be about what you put in and around your body, it may be a relationship you need to pursue or let go, a job, a money decision. It does not matter. What matters is whether you are making a smarter decision today than the all the days before.

Are You?

Jennifer Murphy is a life coach, writer and artist. You can learn more about her, how to create your own authentic life and become guru for yourself at

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