Do you Conquer or Cringe at a Challenge?

In the fifth grade I received the first challenge I remember consciously accepting. Our teacher threw down the gauntlet and declared that no one in his class had ever received honor roll and he didn’t intend for that to change that year.

Steely resolve is exactly what I felt. I didn’t know that phrase yet, but I felt it.  And I smiled as I accepted my certificate later that year.

In 1995 I embarked on my career in the US Army.  Arrival at Fort Knox was a blur of yelling drill sergeants, bad food, humidity and a rush of adrenalin.  I called my mom a few days after arrival and I recall her remarking that I seemed to be enjoying the challenge.

I have relished arguments, enjoyed forging new grounds and welcomed the idea of convincing people to come over to my side – whatever it is.

Being able to enjoy a good challenge is a strength, it is an asset as an entrepreneur and as a human being.  Being able to see the possibility, not know exactly how to get there and to go for it anyway is accepting and meeting a challenge.

So here is a challenge for all those that are considering starting their own business: only half of all new establishments survive the first five years according to SBA statistics.

Only half.

I accept. I accept with a smile.

How do you acknowledge your challenges?

Jennifer Murphy is a life coach, writer and artist. You can learn more about her, how to create your own authentic life and become guru for yourself at

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