I did 39 days, how long did you do?

Among the biggest crimes we can commit, the crime of selling ourselves short sits right up there towards the top.  Selling ourselves short can show up in a few different forms: fear, procrastination, disbelief in self, blaming others, and on and on.  Come up with your own thought on it if you want to.  You know best the ways you sell yourself short.

I confronted my own selling myself short when I decided to challenge myself to blog for 39 days straight.  I decided to stop saying “I wish I could” and start saying “I will”.

A few minutes ago I found myself on the back steps of the building my studio is hosted in with my head in my hands, my breath coming in gasps and my eyes spilling over with the tears I really didn’t want to release.  Once more I am confronted with the opportunity to sell myself short, or pull up my power-boots, stop trying to think my way out of the dilemma I find myself in and take action.

When I decided to take myself on this 30 day blog challenge, it was a “why are you waiting?” energy.   I didn’t have a good reason to wait to do this.  You can read on my thoughts in that original blog post here. Today I was having more of a “what do you want from me universe?” moment.

What happened was that I had invested a chunk of time loading content for a program I have kicking off Monday into my online tool for delivery. I had planned to load a bunch more today after final review.  When I logged in, I found it all to be gone. All gone, hours and hours of work for the most successful online program sale I have had yet.  After I went numb for a moment, I submitted a help request.  Then I went into emotional paralysis for a moment or 400 and wondered what to do next.

I reflected on the irony of this being the last day of my blog challenge to me, I reflected on how terrible I am at celebrating when I do complete good things like this and I wondered at the timing.  So I decided the action I would take is to wait to see what the help desk says and go ahead and celebrate my accomplishment of 39 days of blogging.  Goal completed. I am proud of myself for that, I truly am.

Keep this celebration energy going, let’s raise the vibration for us all.  What are you celebrating, what are you accomplishing, what are you committing to that you are proud of – big or small?

Share it. Indulge it. Savor it.

It’s way better to do that than to wallow in ickiness.

So, live dangerously, love what you do have going on and enjoy the ride.

Jennifer Murphy is an eternal optimist embracing the art of living dangerously and spreading it to others through her work as a coach, artist and writer.  Learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru

It’s not a Someday Kind of Thing

When you place things on a someday list, kiss them good bye.  Someday has such vague energy it is impossible to pin down and so it won’t get fed.  It won’t get fed by you and it won’t get fed by anyone you might receive from. You didn’t invest in it.  And when you don’t invest, the universe won’t either.

Ever have moments of throwing caution to the wind? The “Oh screw it, let’s do it!” kind of moments when you power through your fear like a boss and capture the energy of the moment and do something that excites you.

I am a big fan of those moments, those moments of adrenaline and joy and excitement and a little thrill of “yes please!”.

Watch for them.

Life is not a someday kind of thing.

It is a live it now while you have this moment kind of thing.

Live it now, live it dangerously.

Learn the Art of Living Dangerously.

Jennifer Murphy, Art of Living Dangerously embraces the now through her work as a coach, artist, writer and single mom.  You can learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru 

13 Declarations of Independence

stone.tifAs Americans we use the word independence with abandon, it sits at the very heart of our existence. It is on our currency, we have an official declaration of it – we view it as a basic right. It is woven into to the fabric of our daily existence.

It’s cool and it never goes out of style.

In March I began what is to be the final tele-class of one of my teachers; she is being called to offer her services more locally than over the phone and declared her independence by following that guidance.  So I jumped at the opportunity to participate.  We are asked to declare our intentions  for the time we will spend in the class early on and I was as surprised as any when the words, “I am looking to become more independent” came out when I was called to share.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I meant by that, mostly because I have been pretty good at making my own decisions and deciding what works and what doesn’t in my life. But I have also experienced it as a double edge sword: sometimes alienating and sometimes empowering.

As we have gone through the course, opportunities to explore independence have come up.  Yet, it was just this morning where I connected with spirit and thoughts truly flowed.  What I learned was that it was time to get crystal clear on what it meant to be independent instead of simply being pushed and pulled by whatever felt good in the moment, as is my tendency.

From that sprung the 13 declarations of independence for my life. Perhaps a few will make sense to you and you can adopt – or create your own list of declarations:

  1. Independence means wanting but not needing.
  2. Independence means loving but not clinging.
  3. Independence means knowing I am amazing as me and amazing as we.
  4. Independence is not just plenty, but full.
  5. Independence is never feeling alone in the crowded room.
  6. Independence means knowing I can and still enjoying help.
  7. Independence is seeing how help is a multiplier, not a weakness.
  8. Independence is doing it my way as a plan, not a rebellion.
  9. Independence means knowing who to surround myself with and who to keep at a distance.
  10. Independence is caring for others only as much as I care for myself.
  11. Independence is creating new experiences, not collecting things.
  12. Independence means knowing who I am, unconcerned with what others perceive me to be.
  13. Independence is trusting infinite spirit more than finite self.

Independence is more than simply an idea up on a shelf; independence is an action we must take every day. There is very little passive energy in independence.  Independence requires maintenance and attention and attendance.  If we are complacent, independence become co-dependence, we place our fate in someone else’s hands, and let them decide. We lose who we are.

What action do you need to take today to claim your independence, to be who you really truly are in your authentic energy?

Jennifer Murphy is the universe’s premier advocate of The Art of Living Dangerously. A lifestyle she personifies in her partnering with coaching clients, her work as a glass artist writer and single parenting her amazing soccer playing son. Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru 

Why I am a sucker for social media quizzes

Remember magazine quizzes? The seventeen magazine or YM or whatever teen rag you loved 30 something years ago (more or less)? Well, I do. And I loved them! I loved figuring out how savvy I was at this or that, what my perfect career was or what type of “man” was right for me. 

I have always been curious, always loved to explore. People and their responses to life fascinate me. I see quizzes as an opportunity to prove them wrong, or at the very least challenge them! 

Social media is now a great source for all sorts of quizzes from what color is your hair (blue, and it is) or aura (Orange, and it is) to which Disney princess is  your doppelgänger (apparently the cheerful and curious rapunzel). 

I take them to satisfy my curiousity, escape a little and just enjoy the fun. I dit. Make life decisions from them, but as a coach I can recognize the need to check yourself against these silly tools sometimes and just see…

I find them incredibly entertaining and based on recent answers will be moving to India under my hippie name of Rain, with my blue hair and pet racoon. 

Have fun. 

What if you told people when they inspire you?

Being privy to people’s inspirations is just part of the job. As a coach, I hear many inspiring moments in people’s lives. What I don’t hear much of are the stories of the inspirers being told about it. 

Today my son got to tell the soilmates coordinator for our co-op that he took the basil seeds he had been given weeks ago and turned them into more than 50 plants with our best friends help. 


To watch us share this picture and the story, and see his eyes sparkle and a genuine laugh of easier tinge his voice as he responded, “oh you just made my day!” It was phenomenal. 

We could have let the opportunity pass. We could have kept walking. We could have just kept the inspiration he gave us to ourselves. 

Instead we got to share and pass on some joy and be honest in the inspiration we received. It felt good. 

Who do you need to share this experience with? Who do you need to tell about the way they have inspired you? 

Go do it. 

4 Great Journaling Prompts if you are Scared of Change

There is a special energy present in people who want change, but are scared to just jump. It is a nervous, anxious, wound tight feeling that stirs restlessness and aids sleeplessness. 

There is a good chance you have felt it if you have ever been on the brink of any shift in your life. 

I have found 4 journaling prompts to be especially helpful in pushing past this tension: 

1. Who will I be if I don’t make this change? 

2.  Who will I be if I do make this change? 

3. How does this change get me closer to my big vision? 

4. Who is in my corner for this change? 

I have seen these questions take me, and my clients through the fear, through the change and to the victory. In that victory we celebrate the new perspective we are gifted for our big vision, how much more real it feels (and is) and how much easier the change was than we thought it would be! 

Try these if you find yourself in that tension place of “what if I do, but what if I don’t?”. 

3 Ways to Use Numerology in your Business (and Life!)

Numbers are literally everywhere we look.  Ages ago Pythagoras developed the idea that of numbers as symbols and tied them to predictable cycles (read more here).  Eventually, this progressed to tying energetic vibrations to the cycles and as we fast forward to today there are 478,000 hits for numerology calculator on google.  At any time during any day you can try one of these tools and get insight into the numbers in your life.

Numerology was a pretty normal part of life for me as a kid.  I recall people around me spouting off life path numbers upon learning of births, asking each other birth dates and then discussing the meaning.   It was just part of normal conversation.  I had no pull to learn more or less at the time.

A few years ago, I had opportunity to take a teleclass on numerology from a colleague and went for it.  I knew there was more to this stuff and wanted to know what it was.

I just kept diving deeper and today have what I would call a basic working knowledge.  I am not an expert and when people want really in depth work, I send them to my colleague Don Marlette who is amazing and can take your numbers and work his magic to provide you amazing insight via a private reading. Mostly I just do simple readings for clients and do the occasional psychic fair to share some new insight and experience with seekers.

On a personal level I use it a lot.  I look at key relationships in my life, I check dates, analyze addresses and phone numbers, and check locations.  But there are three simple ways you can use it in your business to see if the energy is supporting what you’d like it to be.

  1. Your Business Name.

As I was forming my business, I decided to check the name through the numerology lens.  My first business name was Life’s Adventures and it worked out to a 9 which was about high spiritual vibration and helping humanity.  A big mission and not exactly the heights I wanted to go to, but it helped propel me forward.

It led me to the next naming of No Limits Life coaching which is a 5 in numerology and a direct match to my life path number (the energy I am most fulfilled living) .  The 5 energy is about adventure and fun and passion and being in love with life and all it has to offer.  This is the energy of not settling. The exact energy I want to share with clients.

I will often shorten it to No Limits Life when I am encompassing the other areas of what I do in glass work and writing and that is an 8 which is about being the executive, creating financial prosperity and being in charge of my destiny.  Again, attributes I want to help people find the courage to embody.

To find the number for your name, use this link to find the numbers which correlate to each letter in your business name and then reduce it to one – so if you end up with a 64 once you add them all up, you add the 6 and 4 and get 10, then add the 1 and 0 and get a 1.  You can then look up the meaning of 1 on this link, or you can order the book “Glynis Has Your Number”by Glynis McCants and keep it as a handy reference for lots of things on the numerology front.

Do this whether you have a business, or are thinking about the name for one.  It can be very helpful in setting the right tone.

2. Dates for Events

Numbers have challenging energy and supportive energy relative to each other.  If you plan an event on a day that the numbers challenge each other, you might find it harder to be successful depending on where the challenge is in the numbers.

Each year has a number, each month, each day – how do they mesh with your business’s name or event name?  I like to check it out and see.

The process is the same as calculating the business name, simply add them up and compare.  Again, I recommend this book by Glynis McCants for reference because of its ease in explanation and comprehensiveness.

I did this when planning an event last year and can say I am glad I did it on the day I did.  I checked it out by the numbers as I was planning and there was compatibility.  Moving it around a day or two could have shifted energies positively or negatively, but on the whole, it went well and I believe it was in part because the energies supported it.

Again, this isn’t just for businesses!  You can use it for personal events as well.

  1. Personal Compatibility

I referred to this a little bit in the naming section, but it is important you don’t choose things in your business that are incompatible or in conflict with what you want to have happen: location, naming, phone numbers, office or studio mates, profession or whatever tools you use.

For example, in choosing my phone number for my business, (319-775-0509), I wanted to have both a 5 and 9 in it.  The whole number adds up to 9, the number of being of service to the world around me.

Another example, both the building and street number and the suite number my studio is in add up to 6.  The 6 is the number of nurturing and supporting family, home and self.  I do this as a large part of my work as a coach and I believe this energy supports my work.

These are just three areas that numerology can provide insight.  When I take a look at things through the numerology lens I usually find confirmation of my experience, insight into something that is puzzling me or help with pushing me one way or another on something.  I do encourage you to grab the resource I mentioned and see what you come up with!

Have you used numerology in your work or personal life before?  What has your experience been?

Jennifer Murphy is passionate about helping people see the more in life – their own special version of purpose and calling.  She cultivate courage through her work in teaching the Art of Living Dangerously and partners with people interested in making small shifts for big impacts in their life. You can learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru