Success Isn’t Coming, Success Has Arrived

A little more than a year ago, my business coach Michael Mapes shared this divine download with me at the VIP dinner the night before his Wealth Creation Live event in Kansas City,

“Success Isn’t Coming, Success Has Arrived”

It was easy to bask in the glow of those words.  I was in an amazing place in my practice.  I had landed some private clients in my executive package, I was building an online group program that I was excited about, I was planning my own live event and was making plans to move into a studio integrated with my glass art studio and partner. My son was happy, bills were paid.

Life was good.

And then it got hard.  And it is hard to write about. It requires me to vulnerable in a way I don’t like to be.

Middle of last year, just after moving into my new studio I had my best financial month ever.  I felt validated, affirmed and successful.  I was propelled into my live event in September which I was looking forward to.  I planned a conservative one day event and thoroughly enjoyed the people who came and the experience we had.  But as far as a business developing tool, it shook my confidence and I lost sight of the idea of success present in my life.

I had a vision for what I wanted to see in residual sales from the event, the number of new people I wanted to invite into my practice and partner with to build the lives I knew they wanted.  It was devastating, I will just say it. It was devastating to not see it come to fruition.

And I retreated.  I stopped trying, I stopped even offering my group program.  I became scared of asking for business and I even shifted my business focus entirely for a short while.  My actions said if success had arrived, we were playing an epic game of hide and seek.

I was scared.  And for someone who loves to cultivate courage in others, this is a problem.  How on earth can I encourage you to be brave when I am hiding? And it is just plain unnatural for me to act this way.  So I was darned uncomfortable.

My business suffered, Christmas was hard to manage – to do what I wanted for my son financially.  Money got super tight and I got even more scared. Fear produces more constriction so instead of being propelled in a positive direction, I got frozen.

Good things did happen in this time, I seriously analyzed all my business tools and made the moves I had wanted to make anyway and put efficiencies in place financially and technically. I worked out an arrangement with my artistic partner to become my technical and creative director.  I learned a bunch about my ideas about money, even though I thought I had already gone deep enough on this one!

Through all of it, I had my coach active in my ear…encouraging, listening, and sometimes shaking his head.  I had a group of amazing women in my spiritual support system where I could let it all hang out and I had my amazing partner letting me lose it periodically and telling me to keep going.

Success isn’t coming, success has arrived.  Yes, it has.

Why would I say that after what I just shared?

Because success is being afraid and moving forward anyway. Success is living in alignment with your purpose. Success is having shitty times and moving through them and sharing those with others so they don’t feel alone.  Success is being courageous enough to be vulnerable. Success is trusting spirit and getting creative in the face of uncertainty.  Success is being your authentic self.

When I left my 6 figure corporate job in 2012, I had a values shift to live more simply and less about money.  This has been a long road for me, and I am not going to declare it over yet.  I believe there is more for me to learn and experience because I am still among the physically living.  But I do know the arrival of success is not dependent on my bank balance.

Success has arrived in my life.  I have evidence of it in every area of my life from my amazing clients to my ability to create to my son who defies description.  Fear can take a flying leap off of the cliff, I am done living under its umbrella. Success allows me to live in the sun and thrive.

Think about what “Success isn’t coming, success has arrived” might mean in your life.  Sometimes it is easier to see what isn’t right in life and miss all the stuff that is right.

A quick exercise you can try to shift your energies is to set a timer for 5 minutes and write down everything you can think of that is right in your life. Place it in a place you can see it regularly and allow yourself to add to it.  Do this weekly for a month and see how your energy and your mindset shifts.

If you need more inspiration, join me for my free virtual series “The Art of Living Dangerously”. Learn more about it via my website

Jennifer Murphy is a SUCCESSFUL life coach, artist and writer who wants to cultivate courage in the world around her and inspire people to get in touch with their inner guru. Learn more at

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