The Art of the Challenge

What is the benefit to challenging yourself?  You can certainly get by doing what you are doing and cruising along right?

Sometimes that is the perfect answer – keep doing what you are doing.  High five, right on man.

Other times you pine after a change, knowing you need to make it, yet not committing.

That is where I found myself with my blog.  I wanted to write every day, but couldn’t get myself to actually do it.  I kept wanting to and not.  It was a crazy mindset.  Ever done it?

So I just decided to commit and challenge myself to blog through the end of April every single day.  I counted the days and gave myself a 39 day blog challenge.

Today marks 30 more days to completing my challenge.

The cool part is that in challenging myself in one area, I find myself being more consistent in others, like:

  • I have been super on track with the Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation challenge which I have tried to stay on top of and complete several times before and couldn’t.
  • My email inbox is not overflowing
  • My desk is cleaned off

These are minor things, but they cost me time and inefficiency when I don’t do them.

Why is this a big deal? Why is a simple blog challenge revolutionary?  Why would I claim there is an art to it?

Because the nature of the challenge matters.

Well, I don’t like routine.  Routine will drive me crazier faster than anything else.  I like rhythm and flow, but please don’t tell me “you have to…” It is truly amazing how much I thrived in the military when I consider this.

The secret to the way I challenge myself, is that I challenge myself on my terms.  I only challenged myself to blog everyday –  I didn’t force myself into a timeline and deadline that would force me into routine.  I believe the challenge is about consistency, not rigidity and that works.

So this is for all you other aspiring and emerging creatives out there that despise keeping a schedule and just want to get consistent at creating.  Just challenge yourself and start.

So if blogging is your deal, start your own 39 day blog challenge today.  Start with day 1 now and carry it forward.  If it is something else, sill start the 39 day challenge – just do your thing.

Challenge yourself, you are worth it.

If you need some help with this – and figuring out what you want to challenge yourself with, check out my Art of Living Dangerously Free Monthly Virtual Series and I will be offering all kinds of ways to explore the world  you live in and how to make it more yours and even better. Register here.

Jennifer Murphy is an artist, life coach and writer who seeks to cultivate courage in others and partner with them find their inner guru.  You can learn more at

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