What to do when you feel froggy! 

You jump! 

We get impulses, a need to let something loose and then we judge it. We judge it and we find it lacking. We decide that we simply can’t! 

Because my goodness what would “they”think? It is totally irrelevant who “they” are – you know who that means in your life. 

My question is this: why are you letting “them” rule your life? 

A few years ago I found myself in a position of having checked every block, achieved every success and cultivated all the external trappings of what “they” considered success. 

And it felt like complete Shite.  Utter crap and nonsense. 

And I was totally confused! What the heck “they”? I played your game…what did I do wrong? 

It was simple, there was this voice inside me telling me there was a path that was just mine, all mine. I didn’t have to play by “their” rules. If I really listened I could see that their rules actually well and truly sucked. 

I was feeling froggy and decided to go ahead and jump. I jumped into my life. Mine. 

And it feels awesome. I don’t have to do anything the way “they” do it. I can do it my way. 

So embrace that froggy feeling and jump! If you need a little boost of encouragement to make that happen, join my Art of Living Dangerously free event on April 27th. Register on my home page http://www.nolimitslife.guru

Be this guy, he jumps whenever his frog croaks and carves his own path every day!  


Jennifer Murphy lives dangerously embracing her froggy as she partners with people who want to forge their own path and say no to “them”. Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru

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