4 Great Journaling Prompts if you are Scared of Change

There is a special energy present in people who want change, but are scared to just jump. It is a nervous, anxious, wound tight feeling that stirs restlessness and aids sleeplessness. 

There is a good chance you have felt it if you have ever been on the brink of any shift in your life. 

I have found 4 journaling prompts to be especially helpful in pushing past this tension: 

1. Who will I be if I don’t make this change? 

2.  Who will I be if I do make this change? 

3. How does this change get me closer to my big vision? 

4. Who is in my corner for this change? 

I have seen these questions take me, and my clients through the fear, through the change and to the victory. In that victory we celebrate the new perspective we are gifted for our big vision, how much more real it feels (and is) and how much easier the change was than we thought it would be! 

Try these if you find yourself in that tension place of “what if I do, but what if I don’t?”. 

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