What if you told people when they inspire you?

Being privy to people’s inspirations is just part of the job. As a coach, I hear many inspiring moments in people’s lives. What I don’t hear much of are the stories of the inspirers being told about it. 

Today my son got to tell the soilmates coordinator for our co-op that he took the basil seeds he had been given weeks ago and turned them into more than 50 plants with our best friends help. 


To watch us share this picture and the story, and see his eyes sparkle and a genuine laugh of easier tinge his voice as he responded, “oh you just made my day!” It was phenomenal. 

We could have let the opportunity pass. We could have kept walking. We could have just kept the inspiration he gave us to ourselves. 

Instead we got to share and pass on some joy and be honest in the inspiration we received. It felt good. 

Who do you need to share this experience with? Who do you need to tell about the way they have inspired you? 

Go do it. 

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