Why I am a sucker for social media quizzes

Remember magazine quizzes? The seventeen magazine or YM or whatever teen rag you loved 30 something years ago (more or less)? Well, I do. And I loved them! I loved figuring out how savvy I was at this or that, what my perfect career was or what type of “man” was right for me. 

I have always been curious, always loved to explore. People and their responses to life fascinate me. I see quizzes as an opportunity to prove them wrong, or at the very least challenge them! 

Social media is now a great source for all sorts of quizzes from what color is your hair (blue, and it is) or aura (Orange, and it is) to which Disney princess is  your doppelgänger (apparently the cheerful and curious rapunzel). 

I take them to satisfy my curiousity, escape a little and just enjoy the fun. I dit. Make life decisions from them, but as a coach I can recognize the need to check yourself against these silly tools sometimes and just see…

I find them incredibly entertaining and based on recent answers will be moving to India under my hippie name of Rain, with my blue hair and pet racoon. 

Have fun. 

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