I did 39 days, how long did you do?

Among the biggest crimes we can commit, the crime of selling ourselves short sits right up there towards the top.  Selling ourselves short can show up in a few different forms: fear, procrastination, disbelief in self, blaming others, and on and on.  Come up with your own thought on it if you want to.  You know best the ways you sell yourself short.

I confronted my own selling myself short when I decided to challenge myself to blog for 39 days straight.  I decided to stop saying “I wish I could” and start saying “I will”.

A few minutes ago I found myself on the back steps of the building my studio is hosted in with my head in my hands, my breath coming in gasps and my eyes spilling over with the tears I really didn’t want to release.  Once more I am confronted with the opportunity to sell myself short, or pull up my power-boots, stop trying to think my way out of the dilemma I find myself in and take action.

When I decided to take myself on this 30 day blog challenge, it was a “why are you waiting?” energy.   I didn’t have a good reason to wait to do this.  You can read on my thoughts in that original blog post here. Today I was having more of a “what do you want from me universe?” moment.

What happened was that I had invested a chunk of time loading content for a program I have kicking off Monday into my online tool for delivery. I had planned to load a bunch more today after final review.  When I logged in, I found it all to be gone. All gone, hours and hours of work for the most successful online program sale I have had yet.  After I went numb for a moment, I submitted a help request.  Then I went into emotional paralysis for a moment or 400 and wondered what to do next.

I reflected on the irony of this being the last day of my blog challenge to me, I reflected on how terrible I am at celebrating when I do complete good things like this and I wondered at the timing.  So I decided the action I would take is to wait to see what the help desk says and go ahead and celebrate my accomplishment of 39 days of blogging.  Goal completed. I am proud of myself for that, I truly am.

Keep this celebration energy going, let’s raise the vibration for us all.  What are you celebrating, what are you accomplishing, what are you committing to that you are proud of – big or small?

Share it. Indulge it. Savor it.

It’s way better to do that than to wallow in ickiness.

So, live dangerously, love what you do have going on and enjoy the ride.

Jennifer Murphy is an eternal optimist embracing the art of living dangerously and spreading it to others through her work as a coach, artist and writer.  Learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru

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