On The Brink: a tale of passion and perseverance?

A business isn’t really a business if it doesn’t have customers, followers, the ability to support itself and growth right?  It can be kind of confusing for an entrepreneur when one of these links in the chain just isn’t staying put.

The entrepreneur can see that there is a following, there are a modest amount of customers, a scraping by with the supporting itself, yet growth is stagnant, if not falling back on itself at times.

Or the following is there, but the buying behavior isn’t strong.  Or expenses raise to that level just beyond reach for one reason or another – an egotistical sub-lease holder deciding he isn’t going to pay his third of the rent anymore and setting expectations he has no right to set or some other event.

Being an entrepreneur on the brink of making it is one of the more frustrating/exhilarating experiences of my life. This perspective come from me as a woman who has spent two deployments overseas working in combat conditions and a US embassy, had a premature child and been divorced twice.  Yes, this point in my business has me pulling my hair out.

What I don’t need is another business coach, I don’t need another “secret to making big bucks through xxx” and I don’t need to attend any more free events/webinars/teleconferences or whatever out there.

So what do I need?  What does any entrepreneur need in a moment like this?

She needs Courage: huge buckets of courage and clarity and encouragement and support from key people.

I have been asking the universe, my coaches, my partner, and my tattoo of Ganesh the mighty lord of obstacles and success to support me in all of these pursuits.  I am asking for the path on which to take action.  As I balance precariously at this point, do I cut my losses and get a corporate job again for a while or do I keep pushing through knowing that all the accumulated wisdom is paying off and the actions I am consistently taking are leading me to the other side?

There have been boom months, and bust months as I have been in business for the last few years.  There have been times I have no idea which direction I am going and what my message is as I go there.  And there are times like now when I know beyond a shadow that I have found my central message with The Art of Living Dangerously – building a life that you want, not some crazy version of expectation from others.  I want to partner with people to release that same tension I feel now – that there is more for you, this life you have is meant to be lived with purpose, not with programming.  You don’t have to settle.

This energy of not settling is why I feel so hypocritical in wondering if I should return to the corporate arena.  I am not passionate about the corporate arena. I am good at it and it was fun at times and not worthless. But honestly, I’d prefer to work in a coffee shop for a few hours a week, a few days a week while nurturing this business of mine.

If I am going to be ruthlessly honest, it physically hurts to consider going to work for someone else again – I want to be the coffee shop owner.  I want to be the one who hires someone like me who just wants those few hours.  When I left my corporate job I swore I’d never give up. I don’t fail and I don’t quit.  My enlisted often referred to me as a bulldog (no reference to my alma mater at Fresno State) or the little engine that could.  I am tenacious and I am passionate. Working for someone else subordinates that spirit in a big way and eventually I rebel in one way or another.

This video, despite it’s terrible quality, is a pretty accurate depiction of what is happening in my brain with respect to my pursuit of entrepreneurship right now.  Enjoy.

So what is a girl with a passion, a business on the brink and a child to support to do?

The answer to that remains to be seen.  I am open to whatever possibility shows up.  What I know for sure is that I will keep doing this on my terms and my terms alone.  No one else’s “formula for success” will be the key.  There is no “overnight success” in this deal, there is hard work and being authentic with the desire to truly serve others with the gift of freedom.

I know there are enough of you out there feeling the pull to take action to truly move your life the direction you feel called to, and I know you know that you could use some unbiased support. You are smart enough to recognize that your family loves you and means well but will always want what they believe is best for you. You are perceptive enough to see that an impartial, supportive, been there ally is worth investing in for your next move – to help you stay strong when you are not sure, when you are on the brink.

I have had these coaches, and they are why I haven’t thrown in the towel. They are a huge factor in why I have been able to be afraid and take action anyway. I will keep opening up for more courage, for more possibility – will you?

Do me a favor, if you are bored with your current life, if you are curious about opening up to more courage, to exploring the direction your life is going, to understanding how to overcome the obstacles of today, grab a confusion to clarity strategy session with me and let me offer you some small actions you can take to pave the way for whatever big impact you want to make in life.  You have been following me for a bit, we should chat.

I am not going to try to sell you anything I don’t think would help you – but if I see something, I will feel obligated to share a way out of it for you – it’s just my nature to want to help you find the way that is best for you! But I won’t be crazy salesy, I can’t, it isn’t me.  If it is for you, it is.  If it isn’t – no big. Trust me, you have nothing to lose, and I’d bet you gain something.

I am Jennifer Murphy, and I am all about partnering with people to ignite the courage they need to have to be whatever they want to be. Learn more on my website http://www.nolimitslife.guru

When you don’t know what to write

 When you don’t know what to write and you committed to daily writing…what do you do?!

You get honest? Maybe? 

Today has been a day of being vulnerable: admitting to my ex that my bank account won’t support my half of the most expensive daycare we can find this summer, telling my support circle that I need help, honoring my partners wish that I just be happy, and just being me. 

Vulnerabilities are not a comfortable thing to express when you have long been the “strong one”. 

The truth is that others see them long before we can articulate them. We are not fooling them, more are we hiding them. We are strong, but our strength lies more in our ability to be ourselves than to be strong for any other reason. 

So when you don’t know what to write,  try honesty and vulnerability. It feels great. 

Have You Heard about The Art of Living Dangerously?

A few years back I started something I didn’t yet have a name for and I didn’t care to name.  It was referred to generically as my new life. I have since learned that I was learning the Art of Living Dangerously.  And I want to share it with anyone who is looking for a new direction in life, the how for their big vision, or know that there is just something more for them and really truly want to figure out what that is and how to get it.

I have been there, I get it and I want to partner with you to move through it and start being the person you know you are.

 What if you enrolled in an un-program?

An experience specifically created to expose you to a wide variety of techniques and approaches where you can choose what works and ignore the rest.  What if you had an experience that assumed you were smart enough to apply what you need most or at least be willing to try?

The Art of Living Dangerously is that Un-program.

It is about experiencing tools and techniques and then using them to create the life you want. That’s right, this is about the life you want to create –nothing less.

I’ll partner with you to confront the limiting beliefs you hold inside blocking you from stepping into the life you intellectually know and understand you can have, but are not sure how to achieve.

Whether you know what you want and are not sure how to get there or you fall into the other category of not knowing what you want, but ready to do what it takes to find it and be it, The Art of Living Dangerously experience will co-create it.

Allow me to be upfront with you – it is an investment.  You’ll need to truly commit to this creative process and it requires a correlating resource investment.  So yes, as I have done with my coaches over the years, you also need to put your most precious resources of time, money and energy on the line for yourself.

Feeling brave and ready to take the deep breath and the step?

Go ahead and click on this link to learn more about the program and the investment and how to see if you are a candidate for one of the first five people I am willing to run this program with.

This is new, I don’t have it on my website yet, you can only get information via this link.  If it isn’t for you, cool. But if you know someone it is for – share it.

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177Jennifer Murphy is the universe’s foremost proponent of The Art of Living Dangerously sharing it through her partnerships with people who want to live as themselves, her glass art, writing and single parenting a pretty amazing 8 year old soccer player.

The Best Reason Not to Lower Expectations 

It can be tempting to lower expectations and allow less in your life.

Don’t. Just don’t. 

People will fall short they are fallible. Expect them to improve. 

Situations will sparkle less than desired, they are temporary. 

I could go on and on. But the best reason I give myself every single day not to lower my expectations is simple. 

Because I don’t have to. 

I have a choice and I choose to look for more, do more, be more and expect more from everyone and everything around me. 

This life we are in is big! You should expect more too! Work for it, go for it, believe in it and give it. 

There is a choice, why would you choose less? 

Headlines For Articles I am Compelled to Write

How many times have you come across a situation, whether you are enmeshed in it or not, and thought “wow, that would be a great blog/tweet/Facebook post/whatever” .

My partner and I do this all the time.  Most of the time, the thoughts go no further than our exchanges and we decide not to post them out of respect for the situation/person/ experience.

But there are a few that we have been developing lately that simply must be written.

Here are a few:

“When one door closes, another one opens”…and other spiritual platitudes that suck.

How your alter ego is definitely not a much cooler version of you – you are simply delusional

 500 million ways it is way more important to eat good food than look cool shopping for it

Your coffee sucks, fix it

Yes, ironing everything in your closet will solve your problems

Awake with the Rain

Dumb people have Data too

We have broken the Coca-Cola code

Just stop everything you are doing and try again

15 superficial indicators that you are completely fake

Your 24 hours are just as important as mine…and vice versa

There are 365 shopping days in a year, what are you shopping for? 

 5 Ways Healing Work alone won’t solve your issues

At their core, all of these articles are about knowing your own story. When you know own story, you are able to consciously process why you are reacting the way that you are to a given situation.

“Know Your Story” is principle number 6 of the 13 Principles of the Art of Living Dangerously that I recently developed and am expanding into a e-book followed by a full length book now.  The Art of Living Dangerously is a lifestyle philosophy centered on releasing the “expected life” and living the life you feel called to live.

I look forward to sharing more with you. And if any of these titles call to you – chime in and I will get going on it!

Jennifer Murphy is the universe’s foremost promoter of The Art of Living Dangerously, a lifestyle centered approach to pursuing your purpose and releasing the “expectations” of anything but your truth.  She personifies this in her partnering with others who want to walk this path, her work as a glass artist and her writing as she parents the most phenomenal 8 year old soccer player in the universe.