Are you a Cliff Jumper? Or a Trail Taker?

Neither is wrong – whether you are a dive right in, feel the rush as you take the plunge kind of person, or if you want to take the longer, less abrupt trail to creating the life you crave. Both paths can get you exactly where you want to be.

Sometimes, it takes both paths to get you there – a walk down the trail on the side of the mountain until you get to just the right ledge to leap from.

I jumped into coaching with my coach in 2010.  It was 2 years later that I made the more profound leap into the life I really wanted to be living.  I took the slower, winding trail for while, discovering the nooks and crannies of my life and exploring what was working and what wasn’t. I became very well acquainted with who I was and what I was dealing with.  Because of this, when I reached the right ledge, I saw it for exactly what it was and I was ready to jump.

Both took courage.

It takes courage to get ruthlessly honest with yourself and see what is working and what isn’t.

For some of us, we need to ease into our dream and do it over time. For some of us, we prefer the band aid approach – just go for it, quickly. As I shared, I did both.

So which are you? Or perhaps a better question is this: which is the right approach for you right now? They are both action, which action do you chose?

The third option is a non-starter, inaction.  Inaction sucks as a vehicle for creating the lifestyle you truly want.  No more space to be wasted on this idea.

The Cliff Jumper:

Cliff jumpers tend to be impulsive.  You leap and figure out how to safely land while in mid-air. This can be a legitimate approach in many situations and has served me well more than once.

Cliff jumping energy gets unnecessarily dangerous when done without thought.

Cliff jumping energy is always dangerous, but that danger is positive and a propellant when done consciously and with intent.  When you understand the leap you are making, you have looked at the possible positive and negative outcomes and you have a plan in mind for what happens next – leap away.

This energy is very positive and supportive for people who are ready for change now.  Like right now, yesterday now. You can’t stand one more minute of the same. Something needs to change and you are ready for whatever it is.  This was the energy I hired my coach with – I needed change and I needed it to start now.

The Trail Taker:

Trail Takers tend to be gatherers of experience. While they also want a change, they want to go at it with either more caution, or over a period of time.  Perhaps there are already energies in motion to create the ledge for them and they need to understand the plan for the leap, or there is need to figure out who they are and what they really want from a leap.

Trail Takers need to build a foundation and an understanding of who they are and what they are doing.

Then they become cliff jumpers when their right ledge appears.

Which are you?

  1. Spend some time with the question in journaling or meditation.
  2. Go for a walk in the woods and pay attention to how you respond to the walk. Are you anxious to get to the end, or are you enjoying the path?
  3. Get an assessment: claim your Confusion to Clarity Strategy Session with me and let’s figure out if you are a cliff jumper or a trail taker and what you can do about it.

If you crave some change, if your soul is calling for something more, knowing which energy is serving you to create that more is one step toward finding it. It can feel dangerous to answer this call, courage is the antidote to fear.  You can feel the fear and do it anyway – be courageous.

Live Dangerously, Be You.

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3 small acts of Courage to Create the Life you were Meant to Live

Courage, it’s not something to fear.

Within each of us is a seed of courage, either sprouting and thriving or waiting for the right time and attention to burst forth.

It is this courage that can propel us to create the life we feel meant to live.

If you are already living your dream life, then read no further.  But if you are not, I have 3 small acts you can take now to get in touch with that courage to create the life you feel meant to live.

  1. Stop saying no to your dreams.

Embrace the art of the possible: whatever you are craving can exist.  If you don’t even acknowledge the possibility, how can it manifest?

Not so long ago I had to give myself permission to dream of a different life.  I didn’t even realize I had denied myself.  But I had stepped into the expected version of a “successful life” and was not allowing myself to see the possibilities of living a more carefree, simple existence doing and being who I had wanted to be when I was a high school dreamer.

Military career, deployments, corporate life and family creation and dissolution left me without an identity I felt was truly me – I had lost me at some point on this winding path and was ready to rescue me – but wasn’t sure where to start.

Embracing this possibility of an alternate reality, I was able to see new opportunities in my life which led me back into the metaphysical realm, a healthier eating habit, going into business for myself and being the parent I really want to be to my son.

To make this work for you, take the time to acknowledge the idea or dream you have been pushing away through journaling, meditation or discussion with a trusted source.

  1. Take one action NOW.

As you open up to the possibility – details will spring forth: the type of home, the hobbies, the people, the experiences.  These are not “someday” things.

Pick one and bring it into the now.  I often share the story of my white sheets.  In my ideal life, I wanted to have crisp, clean white sheets and bedding.  This was an easy to achieve detail in the now.  I bought them and put them on my bed and woke up to a possibility I had obstinately denied myself for too long.

But this small act of courage allowed me to take another action and I shifted eating habits, leading me to the next action and the action after that.  And within a relatively short amount of time, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop marveling at the fact of my living in the reality I hadn’t thought possible.

What is your “white sheets”?

  1. Create.

As adults, we don’t create enough – or we don’t acknowledge what we do is creative.  Creating a clay piece, a glass bead, a doodle, a hemp necklace or a new dish in the kitchen are ways to inspire you to try new things.

Why Create? To take you outside of your comfort zone.

When you are outside of your comfort zone, your natural intuitive resourcefulness kicks in and courage plays a big role in that resourcefulness. You also see things anew, or for the first time, inherently opening up fresh avenues to possibilities.

Create whatever you want, even a simply coloring book can be regenerative.  It can move you into the part of the brain you don’t use quite as much – or at least acknowledge the use of – and invite fresh energy to play.

These three small acts of courage open you up to creating the life you feel meant to live, but aren’t sure how to build the bridge from where you are to that life.  These three acts can open up a whole new set of building tools, paths you may have missed before and experiences to capitalize on.

I’d love to hear your experiences with these!    Comment below or send me an email at

Live Dangerously, Be You

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy embraces the art of living dangerously through her work as a coach, artist, writer, mother and more, always more. Her core philosophy is there really is no limit to the possibilities in your life, be true to you and create your personal path.   You can connect with her at

Find that Moment of Perfect Clarity

Last night was one of those moments of perfect clarity that we all seek.

We had our last soccer practice for the season.  I had signed up to coach my 8 year old son’s team and it was a great experience.  I coached with 3 other people since we all are busy and knew we couldn’t get to every game and practice.  By being honest and open and communicating we got all of our kids taken care of!

We spent our last practice playing soccer related games and giggling and having fun and then the kids wanted to go to the playground.  About half could join the play, the other half had other appointments or activities to attend. I chatted with a few other parents before everyone had to take off for their various commitments at home, to other kids or whatever.

We stayed.

We stayed and walked over to the swings, just me and my squeak without any pressure to be anywhere. That didn’t hit me at first.  We pushed our swings higher and let the wind cool us as the sun began to sink.  Then squeak had the words:

“Mom, do you remember when you were too busy to play with me?  I remember when you used to be making dinner and dad would be on the internet and I would be bored and just by myself.  We never got to stay after practice and play and we never did stuff like this.”

Things did used to be different.  We did used to always feel rushed to be and do something somewhere other than where we were.   

Hearing my son’s words, I felt more successful than anything I have ever done before that.  Bronze stars, presidential recognition, promotions or any other accolade I have received dimmed and disappeared in that moment. He saw it!  He saw the benefit of the lifestyle I have been creating for me and him.

In parallel I was taken back to my own period of exploration and understanding as I worked through my life and accepted and rejected what worked and didn’t with my life coach.  I went into that relationship not knowing what exactly I wanted, but knowing that my lifestyle wasn’t working.  I didn’t know how fast I wanted to change or how deeply I wanted to cut, I just knew something needed to shift so that I could feel on purpose.

Understanding my calling, sensing and identifying my purpose and getting to know the truth about who and what I am was and continues to be a long term game.  But I also had the experience of getting some foundation energy and insight to work with in the moment through experiences like the Purpose Session I offer. My clients have seen this and had it work for them: clients who leave their jobs, shift their eating habits, follow a dream to reality, and simply pursue their callings and have thriving lives today.    

Less than content?  Always tired?  Wondering what you are doing and if it is right? Overwhelmed or always feeling guilty about never being where you want to be? 

I get it, I have been there.

In a purpose session you can gain some insight and some real tools and actions to begin to create and live the life you feel meant to live.

I include these sessions in my No Limits Private Coaching and The Art of Living Dangerously (un)Program. I am opening up the opportunity for you to get one now – And at a savings!!

Save $100 on a Purpose Session Now

On June 1 I was inspired by the looming energies of the full moon, the start of a new month and changes in my on life to share this with all of you. The experience with my son last night affirmed the idea to offer this to all of you.

So what is a Purpose Session?

A Purpose Session two and a half hour workshop where you will receive sense of renewed ownership in you your life, direction for both near and long term intentions, elevated sensations of well-being and relaxation and insight to the connections closest to you!

In the No Limits Purpose Session you connect with the energy to create the life you feel meant to live. 

In two and a half hours of intense one on one work we will explore your current intentions and how your actions align to them, work through your energy patterns to balance and align them, gain insight to the connections most strongly influencing you and chart your intentions for the next three months and 3 years.

We will also stay open to the exploration of other avenues as necessary to facilitate your intentions for the session: numerology, shamanic healing, energy healing, tarot, and intuitive work.   

 You will leave this session with renewed sense of purpose and direction. 

I normally offer this for $247 for the full 2.5, but I am offering it to you for $147 through Sunday June 7. I only offer a few sessions for these each month, so I opened up some additional times on my calendar to give you the chance to connect with the life you are meant to live!

Save $100 on a Purpose Session Now

 My biggest dream is to have everyone living the life they feel called to live, being exactly who they want to be and is most authentic for them.  I want to do what I can to make this real for them and for you!