Conquering Chaos, Let’s Do This.

A sports team meeting put on the wrong night of the calendar, a payment programmed in on the wrong week, late everywhere you go, tired and short tempered, feeling perpetually behind, a list of “somedays” a mile long and the constant demand for more from those around you.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you ask yourself, “what the F&^&% am I thinking? Where is my head?”

Is your inner bully voice in his or her element enjoying this opportunity to throw salt on the beat down you are giving yourself?

If this isn’t you, stop reading now. If you have NEVER done this stop reading now.

Stop reading now and go apply for sainthood, or the better than everyone else award, cause you stinking rock.

But for the rest of us….yeah, let’s talk.

I was exactly as described above this week.  My son was horrified when we went to the girl’s soccer team meeting for his club last night instead of the boy’s team which had been the previous night.  I was late EVERYWHERE yesterday, a payment hit my personal account I had no idea was coming and threw my carefully planned finances all out of whack and you can imagine what that did for my emotional well- being…ugh.

It sucks to feel that way.  The fatigue that normal living induces gets amplified by roughly a gazillion at that point (I am assured by my kid that a “gazillion” is not a number but I am using it anyway, ya know…for dramatic effect).

Last night was the new moon and an excellent time just start fresh.  So I thought about what I know about moving out of this energy, because it isn’t normal for me.  I don’t live in this energy on a regular basis, and you don’t have to either.  Let’s get past it together shall we?

  1. Stop looking outside yourself.

I texted my best friend and partner in most things and asked him to give me boost. “Tell me I will figure all this out” I asked.  Well, he didn’t and I was momentarily pretty torqued.  I wanted him to solve this for me, and at the very least tell me I was going to be okay. My inner 4 year old was ready to go self- righteous temper tantrum all over the place.

Having a cheerleader and support system is awesome and I advocate it.  But they can’t give you false energy.  He had no idea if I would figure it out.  It wasn’t kosher to ask him to do that.  I have to figure it out.  That energy comes from inside me, and it is within you.

Go within and commit to releasing the chaos energy.  Release it from within and then others can support you with their love and affection.  Others can only support what you are willing to do for  yourself – they can’t do it for you.

I love to use Release Essential Oil by Young Living at these times to support me releasing the self-induced trauma and blocks. Focus on what you want to feel, how you want to be living and operating in your life and take the immediate action to get there. A conversation with your coach can help further guide you.

  1. Take a break.

In the midst of chaos the temptation is great to “do more”. More of whatever it is creating the chaos gets you….yeah, more chaos. Good luck with that approach. I’ll see you in the looney bin.

Instead STOP. Just STOP.  Stop pushing, stop pulling, stop powering through and evaluate where you are. Take a nap, play, binge watch your favorite bad TV, immerse yourself in a book, go for a walk. But STOP your current energy stream.

I spent last night reading book 11 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. If you love to escape with paranormal action romance and haven’t read this series, check it out and start from the beginning. Super fun.

Before you get too distracted with muscled fanged hotties and cool fight scenes, focus on my point: You must interrupt the current icky flow to start a fresh one.

Once you have interrupted the flow, you can refocus with fresh perspective. What needs to change? What can you no longer tolerate, what can you shift your approach to? What action do you need to take?

  1. Commit.

This can be the hardest.  Now you have to commit to doing it different.

After my vampire indulgence and a good night’s sleep, I got clear on how to do today.   I committed to today being different.  And so far, I am on track and it feels good.  I have been on time, been productive, said ‘no’ where I need to and been present in the moment.  This feels more like me.

Notice I didn’t commit to the unending future. I committed to today. Today, this moment, is where you are – be there and commit to there.

Tomorrow, commit again and renew your commitment every single day. Commitment to living the life you want is not a one and done thing. It is an everyday agreement.

Every day, sit with yourself and agree to live with intention, as your authentic self guides you to live and commit to progress.

These are my simple steps to conquering chaos in the short or long term.  You can use these in the moment and every single day to live in the present.

As I shared, sometimes you fall off the wagon.  Sometimes you find yourself caught in the chaos spiral and living in a pretty crazy energy. Well…get your crazy on and then be done with it; fire up the conquering energy and burn down crazy town.

Live Dangerously, Be You

Learn more about Life Coach, Glass Artist and Creator of The Art of Living Dangerously (un)Program,  (and get free stuff) Jennifer Murphy at

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