You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere Right?

Listening to the radio on the way back from a soccer tournament recently I heard a disturbing promotion.  The radio station had partnered with a fast food chain to promote going to the chain wearing pajamas at a certain time of night to get burgers and shakes.

If you are not slightly grossed out by this, I beg you to think a little bit harder about why you maybe should be.  Find it yet?

What torqued me even more was that this is the same station promoting a major farmers market in the area.  This gave me one more angle to be grossed out from – cheers to hypocrisy!

One of my principles in The Art of Living Dangerously is to Eat Right and Drink Water.  Experience has shown that when you slow down and make better choices it can’t help but leak into other areas of your life as well and soon healthy lifestyle choices become more convenient.

I suspect if you are here with me, chances are good you are being pulled to a specific or vague “more” that you need to explore and define further.  But you might feel like this radio station is acting at times…sometimes healthy sometimes not and in general exhibiting confusion on the whole idea.

My first foray into choosing the lifestyle I wanted (seeking the “more” definition), actually choosing instead of letting it happen to me, was to buy white organic cotton sheets; a simple thing with a big impact. This action led me to the next choice which was eating habits. As I gained increase consciousness about my eating habits I realized how many not so good choices I had made – the idea of getting burgers and shakes in my PJs wouldn’t have sounded so bad back then – even when I was trying to be “good”.

Let’s stop and think for a moment on our own experience:

  • Think for a moment about the energy that motivates you to get up every morning, have a healthy breakfast, drink some water, meditate and have a workout.
  • Now think about the energy you put into play when you run through a drive thru to grab a burger and shake. (Unless it is In-n-Out Burger in which case I will be right in front of you in line – we all have our weaknesses).

There is a difference right?  And think about how you feel when you have done the first rather than the second. Physically and mentally you feel different don’t you?

Yet, the perceived easy choice is the drive thru.   It is perceived as easier than packing a good lunch and snack for yourself when you leave the house.  It is perceived easier than the time and effort required to think about and act on the food you want to prepare and have for yourself.  It is perceived easier to simply pick a number from a menu and let someone else choose the quality of ingredients your body will receive.

It is perceived easier to not…think?  Really?  Is this true for you?  Have you joined the collective where thinking isn’t yours to do anymore?  Have you decided to relinquish control of your body AND your mind to simply consume whatever is perceived easiest and then simply bear the results?

Let’s examine the facts on this:

  • Organic foods are available at 3 out of 4 stores nationwide according to a report published by the USDA in April 2014.
  • 4% of the total food sales in 2012 were organic according to Nutrition Business Journal growing to 5% in 2014 with impressive year over year growth).
  • Farmers markets nationwide have quadrupled from 1,755 in 1994 to 8,268 in 2014.

My point in sharing those little factoids is that it is easier in recent days than as few as 10 years ago to access healthy food in your local grocery store and just down the block at the local outdoor market.  So what is holding you back from making this decision?

As you look at this decision to eat right and drink water and ask what might be holding you back,  consider where else you are settling.

  1. Are you doing what is expected or perceived expected rather than what you want to do anywhere else in your life?
  2. Do you know where the decisions you are making are based from within you?
  3. Are you satisfied and happy in your life?

You’ve gotta start somewhere if you want to shift anything in your life.  And I am assuming that if you are here with me, something is looking to shift. That’s what I do.  I help people shift to whatever they want to shift. Using the principles of The Art of Living Dangerously I have crafted, created, pushed and pulled my way into a life that is absolutely right for me.  I simply want that for every single person on earth – create the life and lifestyle YOU want.

Learn more about Jennifer Murphy of No Limits Life at as she creation functional torch worked glass in her studio and continues to shape the Art of Living Dangerously through her one on one a group work with coaching clients.


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