A Solid (And Easy) Foundation for 2016

by Don Marlette

 The New Year has begun, and it’s time to set your goals for the year. Make your dreams happen, improve your relationships, change your job, lose some weight… the list is endless. Then you have to figure out how to actually do all of it without going crazy!

Regardless of your goals, it’s important to begin with a solid foundation. Most of the time, though, we build our hopes and dreams on the shifting sand of our current habits. When our dreams and goals are challenged, our old habits kick in to gear, and everything starts to shift. Before we know it, the sand has shifted and our house is lost to the elements. Sabotage!

When we choose to build our dreams and goals on the solid rock foundation of simple and easy daily practices and habits, everything changes. Challenges may happen, but we can weather them more successfully, and we greatly increase our chances of meeting our goals, no matter what they are.

Below are three foundational practices: the Morning Minute, the Random 100, and the Evening Shoes. These provide a solid foundation that will give you greater control over your day, increase your sense of accomplishment, and infuse your life with gratitude.

1. Morning Minute. This is probably the toughest – and most rewarding – practice that you can do. It is a huge step in taking control of your life. And it’s as simple as waking up in the morning.

You’re sleeping soundly, indulging in that latest dream….and the alarm beings to sound. Time to wake up! Or is it?

Usually, one would hit the snooze button for a few extra minutes of shut-eye. But why? After all, those few extra minutes are going to be interrupted again by the blare of the alarm, which means you really didn’t get any good “extra” sleep anyway.

Choose instead to get up at the first sounding of your alarm. Yes, it means putting your feet out of the bed onto the cold floor. Yes, it means pushing yourself a bit more. Yes…you would rather stay in bed.

But. But. In the first minute of the day you’ve met a challenge and crushed it! You’re already a rock star! This starts the ball rolling in a positive direction. After all, if you can truly engage in “mind over mattress” and master yourself for this first minute, there is so much more you can do to make your best life start happening for the rest of the day!

2. The Random 100. You have work to do, people to meet, and time to use wisely. Yet, we seldom realize how much of our days are spent in criticism of ourselves (or others), wanting “more” to happen, and constant comparison of ourselves to any number of people, standards or ideas.

The Random 100 challenges us to make random acts of gratitude at least 100 times each day. Rather than focus on what’s missing, the Random 100 moves our attention to what is already present, with an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude. It’s as simple as saying “thank you” when something positive happens, and saying “thank you” when something challenging comes our way.

Over time, gratitude starts to become a focus for our day, and we begin to see the real gift of the Present Moment, with all its power and possibility.

3. Evening Shoes. The Evening Shoes is a perfect time to reinforce all the positive steps you’ve made today. And it’s as easy as looking at your shoes.

Take a look at your shoes. Where have they been today? Where did you go? What did you do? What people did you meet…or avoid? Just think about it for a moment.

Now think about your victories. What triumphs did you have today? What positive steps did you make for any or all of your goals?

Finally, think about tomorrow. What will you do differently tomorrow? What new steps will you take in your shoes? What will make your shoes have an even more awesome report tomorrow night?

Now you can go to sleep knowing that you’ve made progress, and tomorrow is another set of forward steps in the right direction.

These three habits are simple, easy, and you can do them for a lifetime. They provide you with a solid foundation that will give you more confidence to achieve your goals, whether they are for the day, month, year, or even a lifetime.

Try them for one month, and experience the change for yourself!

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Live Your Best Life in 2016

By Eilynn Dixon

At the beginning of every New Year we all have the feeling of a clean slate to accomplish those things that we wanted to do last year or just something NEW for you in the New Year. This is a common theme for several of us: to set forth to live our best life for the New Year.

Well let’s really think about what it means to make a goal to make that new you, is it about the goal or is it more about the baby steps of action to really reach the goal? I think many do not reach their resolution or give up because we take a huge quest and try to swallow at once: we want to lose 100 pounds and see it gone by January 31st or the old faithful of saving a little more but then January 31st comes and we don’t see six figures in our bank account so we go back to old spending habits.

Let’s have a different mindset for how we will not only set the goal for a new you, but how to take the small steps of success to achieve your goal and stick with it past January 31st.

We all want to live the life of our dreams and we tend to allow fear stop us so many times and get in the way of what really matters most. We don’t realize it really is the little things that mean the most and make the biggest differences, for example:

  • When you make small steps to move past your fears it is not as scary.
  • It’s easier if you take baby steps to get to your goal by chopping up your quest into bite size pieces; much easier to swallow and results can happen sooner than January 31
  • Small steps help us move past our lack of discipline and be able to see the small accomplishments to propel us to continue.

It is all about putting one small step in front of the other and before you know it, you have walked a mile when you thought you were only going to walk a few steps.

If your goal this year is to lose a few pounds, change your mindset of “diet” and think instead of lifestyle change, here is what that could mean:

  1. Make the small change to incorporate drinking more water. This may not seem like much, if you are a soda drinker and you make the choice, to not just quit drinking it all together, but instead to make the conscious decision that you will have a cup of water instead of a soda at least once a day for about a week – you will make progress in your health overall.
  2. Then the next week you can say, “Maybe I will just have a soda in the afternoon and water or some form of water throughout the day.” This small change will have a major impact on your health, your energy and your weight. You will start to notice even just after the first few days there is a difference in you. Now don’t get me wrong – it is hard when you are addicted to a certain drink and why it is important to make the small steps of drinking a little here and there in efforts to not deprive yourself but to help you change the way you view beverages and how important the what type of beverage is consumed.
  3. You will begin to realize, it really is all about perception and engage the mindset of “I need something to hydrate and alleviate thirst and water is free and provides what I need” this gives you experience based reasoning that really makes drinking water more attractive than a soda J

When we become aware of our thoughts and how much they play into our behaviors it is a little easier to make those small changes. We usually don’t realize it is even an issue until we choose to make a conscious different choice.

For 2016 you can live your best life and that is by chopping up those goals into bite size pieces and before you know it, it will be December 31st and you can finally check off that one resolution you have had for about ten years now! 


No Limits Life Staff Member Eilynn Dixon is a Life Coach, Single Mother to 4 Boys and Best Life Advocate for all who want to go from okay to fabulous!  Contact jennifer@nolimitslife.guru about opportunities to work directly with Eilynn or have her come speak at your organization. Or Visit www.nolimitslife.guru to learn more about the No Limits Life Philosophy and team.


5 Lessons Turned Opportunity

The usual expression is “Lesson Learned, I’ll never do that again!”  You have likely said it right? Think about the energy behind that – it is stop energy.  It’s about what you don’t want to do instead of focusing on what you do want to do! And if you run around constantly telling yourself what you don’t want to do, it’s kind negative right?

So what if…just maybe… you focused that energy on creating the next movement.  If you said “Lesson learned! Here is the opportunity I created as a result” It feels different right?  A little more open, a little more forward moving, a little more positive.

I found myself shifting this paradigm as I thought about some of my experiences over the last few years – to be honest a little unconsciously at first.  The message was showing up and I was acting on it long before I realized what was actually happening, (way to be awake and conscious me! Sarcasm and eye roll implied).

Since I was a child I had been exposed to groups of people collaborating to serve others in a higher purpose kind of way: in my parents metaphysical community, living in a small town, as I joined ROTC and later in the Military, as a member of a church and then full circle to a metaphysical environment of my own. In each instance I learned lessons:

  1. The Lesson: Spirituality is a lifestyle, not a label. I have learned not to trust when I hear someone saying something and then see them do something different.

The Opportunity: Be patient and observe actions, and ensure my actions meet my intentions.

  1. The Lesson: People make up groups who support ideals and sometimes people suck. When the agenda of an individual is at odds with the agenda of the group, conflict happens; especially when that person is pushing theirs pretty hard, or in a super passive aggressive, undermining way.

The Opportunity: Obtain a clear understanding of the group focus and ensure it aligns with my personal ideals, or challenges them in a way I am willing to grow in that moment.

  1. The Lesson: Trust the first impression people make on you. I remember attending my very first meeting for a group I was joining to do something big and immediately perceiving the anointed leader was not actually willing to be the leader the idea needed to grow to full potential. Long story short, My intuitive hit was more accurate than not.

The Opportunity: Follow through with intuitive responses to situations.

  1. The Lesson: Money is an element in most groups – and it needs to be dealt with openly and honestly. Resist it or not, money is a part of the society we live in and operate with.  In a situation where you have more than one individual involved, if there is any perceived misuse or secreting of money issues, resentment can arise.

The Opportunity: Always be clear on matters of money where it affects a group larger than me.

  1. The Lesson: A leadership and management philosophy must be agreed on by the group. Whether there are formal leaders/managers or not, it doesn’t matter. But who the decision makers are and how they decision make and who gets to have input, matters.  Generically I have observed this in a variety of atmospheres where there is a “community” who was to work together and contribute on all things…but anything that didn’t agree with the “leader’s” personal philosophy became an issue. Collaboration is tough when there is public statement of community and a private sentiment of “it’s all mine”.

The Opportunity:  Be clear on leadership and management philosophy and be impeccable with my word with respect to implementation.

Using just the lesson energy from above, I could very easily resign myself to never working with a community again – to never collaborate with another group of individuals ever again.  Yep, I could easily lone wolf it, and probably be fairly happy and decently successful.

Yet, there was a philosophy I couldn’t turn my back on:

I don’t think we always do our best work alone.  I think we thrive in a community, whether it is formal or informal.  This community hosts all kinds of energies that help you individually and collectively grow. As I thought about this philosophy I wholeheartedly endorse, I reflected on another set of lessons learned – this time around my first year of business as a coach (which does overlap with a few of the above mentioned lessons – not attempting to confuse you!).

It was a tough decision to leave the “security” of my corporate job and leap into the unknown arena of building my coaching business.  I had very little in place when I did that and I spent a long period of time (and it continues), building, creating, making mistakes and redirecting myself and stumbling and falling and succeeding and over hills and valleys of all sorts! Phew.

It was not easy.  And in the middle of it I got divorced, my son started kindergarten, I moved, and realized the “friends” I had were really good when my life was a “mess”, but not so good when I started to get “better”.  And as I thought about how I could influence and support others, I realized I could help people through that first year by forming a community for aspiring providers to work in as they created their own path into being a coach, healer, creator or spiritual adviser of any sort.

It all synched up last fall as I furiously filled up a yellow legal pad on the sidelines of a soccer practice.  I couldn’t stop writing as the structure, the flow, the ideas, the concepts and design of a business model to support aspiring coaches healers and artists emerged and alongside the idea that this could also work for the same group who struggled with the “business” side of their business.   To prove I wasn’t nutty I reached out to a diverse group for feedback and was met with a “Please do this!” kind of response.

It took the combination of 1) being willing to acknowledge that I still held on to the ideal the people could work together on a common goal, 2) the knowledge that I was better with people than without and 3) discovery that lessons learned didn’t have to be full of stop energy,  for me to realize that I had stopped looking at lessons learned as things to never do again, and started looking at them as opportunities to help and serve based on these lessons.

In November and December of 2015 I began pulling together a group of service providers to work on the No Limits staff for 2016.  I give them mentoring, an infrastructure to work under complete with the necessary tools to run their business and marketing and client attraction support.  Alongside that they receive training , event coordination, speaking engagement booking and more.  In return, they pay me a commission based on the clients we enroll. We defeated the idea that starting up is super expensive and can’t be done. My intent was to destroy that excuse for not following your dream.

Going forward I will still see clients myself, but I was also be recruiting for my amazing staff of coaches who are aligned with the same philosophy I have: there are no limits to what you can do in this life time;  Release Limits, Embrace Life.  The synergy in the group of people who were attracted to this model, my work and their potential is awe inspiring and as I introduce them, you’ll be nodding in agreement!

In forming this collaborative group of professionals, I did my very best to translate the experiences I had in other groups in a positive way and focusing on collective success, individual success and a clear line of authority and structure. It is about supporting not only the No Limits Staff, but the community that forms around us, to fulfill their callings, conquer their inhibitions and truly step into their own authenticity.

So if this philosophy sounds like something you want to give a try, join the energy!  We invite you to join follow us on all the social media we cultivate: FacebookInstagramPinterestLinkedintumblTwitter . Keep a lookout for groups that will be forming virtually and locally where you can connect even further with this energy.

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There was a Murder Outside my Apartment Last Night

In the trees outside my apartment a murder took place last night. In the 7 months I have lived there, this was the first occurrence. I wasn’t surprised; they are all over the neighborhood…noisy, random, a nuisance to some. I think they are cool. 

A murder of crows. 

Crows are metaphysically intriguing.  You can focus on the fact that they represent death, magic and mysticism. But the focus I connect with is the powerful energy of support to intentions they bring. As this new year brings about new beginnings, it makes sense to get super intentional about those beginnings and what they will be for you. 

What are they? 

What are your intentions for this year? 

I pay a lot of attention to the animals that show up in my life. I see no randomness in the appearance of Crow last night. As I left my partners house last night I said to him, “I never want to have a day like I had today ever again.” It wasn’t that it was bad, I just spent way too much time on something that doesn’t get me closer to the vision I have for my life. Those days will be fewer and fewer as I continue this journey I am on to live each day in my most authentic, highest vibrational energy. 

And I am grateful to Crow for his support last night and for however long he stays. 

Who is showing up for you? 

Comment and let me know which Animal is showing up in your life and I’ll help you figure out what it represents! A great book on the topic is Ted Andrew’s “Animal Speak”. If this topic interests you and you want to learn more, I recommend getting a copy. You can find it here

Live Dangerously, Be You
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