contributed by Eilynn Dixon

You are likely familiar with the biggest game of the year for football where fans and players to get to see the final showdown of the two best teams. This year 2016 it was between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, I had the awesome opportunity of visiting Denver on the night of the game. As I watched the winning fans revel in their triumph it made me think about how The Big Game is so much like our everyday game of Life and how important it is for us to stay in the game!

There will be moments in life that you want to get out of the game, stay on the sidelines and watch everyone else play. This is not living the life of your dreams and this will not get you to your Big Game of living the life of your dreams. You can either choose to keep looking at what others are doing and saying “oh wow that is nice”, “wish I could do that”, or you can get back in the game and choose a different position. That is what it is all about – staying in the game; there will be moments you might need a break and to get rehydrated, take a vacation, visit friends for overdose of laughter, exercise, anything that will give you fuel to keep you going. Then you get back out there and keep playing. There will come a time when you begin to analyze the position that you are playing, maybe it does not seem as challenging anymore or you are having a hard time defining your duties. These positions of life are where we start to look inward and see what is most important and decide that we can either stay where we are in unhappiness or we can change the position of life and start living the life of our dreams.

There was a time in my life about two years ago that I had a really tough time figuring out what to do next for me and how to get me out of a rut. It was like I woke up one day and asked myself, “Where did I go? Where am I?”

  • There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed and see anybody, but I just pushed myself each time and went through the motion.
  • Even going through the motion I still just felt like a shell.
  • My Grandmother had recently passed and my relationships were in turmoil.
  • I couldn’t tell if I was still grieving or if I was just upset at the world. I had a hard time allowing myself to just be me and be okay with who I was at that moment.

I had to make a decision to either stay on the sideline of living the life of a shell or get back in the game.

It is ok – whatever happened in the past, today is a new day, and the opportunity to live a new way. I am ready to get back in the game and play a different position and create a different playbook. There might be a chance to even get a few new team members.

It’s all about making the necessary choices and execute actions to become that person you want to be not be the person the world expects you to be.

It’s about recognizing all your gifts, talents, happiness that make up your wonderful self that is you!! We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines you have to stay in the game and always remember to look to your Higher Power for guidance. My Coach and Captain of my game is my Heavenly Father, He keeps the game fair as He promised and provides all the equipment, tools and gear I need to be successful. I just keep my heart full of faith and gratitude while enjoying the little moments and taking baby steps to live the life of my dreams.

What if you Trusted Your Gut?

Contributor – Abby Wickersheim

Think back to a time when you met someone new:

  • Did you instantly make a connection or did you want to turn and run away?
  • What about a time when you just knew that you should take a different route home or call to check in?
  • Your gut otherwise known as intuition was providing you with valuable feedback, did you listen?

If you were lucky you got to see the results, positive or negative, of following that instinct. We come across dozens of opportunities in a day to receive that feedback and many times we don’t. Maybe we talk ourselves out of it because our feelings can’t be explained rationally or it goes against what you “should” do. Many times we ignore our inner guidance because of peer pressure and the desire to conform to what is expected of us.

Here is an illustration of a time I instantly received insight from my gut and confronted the external pressures to deny it: 

Many of my husband’s friends are single guys and we spend a lot of time together – I love them dearly! Recently one of our close friends got a new girlfriend, naturally there was a push for me to be friends with her. The vision was we could all hang out in a magical wonderland of friendship, except I wasn’t feeling her. The firstabby feb blog photo time I met her I knew something was off, she was nice enough but something in the way she carried herself I didn’t connect with. When I talked with my husband he gave me the “you’re being judgmental speech” which is typical in our household. A few weeks later my husband begged me to give her a chance and told me they were on their way to spend a night with us. I was less than thrilled and I found myself trying to justify the way I felt, maybe it was
her hair or the way she dressed. He pushed me to give some rational reason why I didn’t care for her and it turned into an argument because nothing I said was good enough. After spending time with her because it’s what I “should” do I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. Months later I found out what my gut was trying to tell me, she was not a person that I cared to be aligned with. She had a myriad of less than desirable qualities that I wouldn’t want in a friend.

The point to this story is twofold:

  1. Trust your gut 
  2. Allow others to honor their guts

What would it be like for you to be able to tune into your intuition and follow your gut without having to justify the way you feel? It would be transforming to the world if we could all do that. The other side to this coin is being a good friend/partner/peer and respecting their intuition. The next time you really want someone to do something and they just aren’t feeling them, give them a break. Most of all the next time you’re in the “should” trap and you’re not feeling it, give yourself a break and trust your gut!



We’d love to hear your own story of trusting or not trusting your gut!  Comment below!

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Do This If It’s Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

contribute by: Don Marlette

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  Only minutes before that big meeting, and you’re still only halfway to your destination.  Then the blame sets in: who’s fault is it?  Mine?  Someone else?  Next time, you say to yourself, I’ll make more time.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps this?

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  You’re past your “prime of life” (whatever that means!), and you have that itching desire to do something new with your life.  Something you’re excited about (finally!), and everyone around you is urging you to go for it.  But I’m too old, you think, too set in my ways.  It’s too late.  It will cost too much time, money, patience….I can’t do this.

Whether it’s the meeting or appointment that weighs us down, or the change that might put us on the path of a new life, these situations have a point of convergence, a piece that pulls them together that starts a chain reaction often leading to confusion and frustration: time.

Not enough time.  Too little time.  No time.  Past time.

I found myself on that same path, too.  I was successful at my work.  The music was sounding great, people loved what I was doing, I was even writing music for choirs and churches.  Yet, in all that flurry of activity and production, something was hollow.  Something didn’t ring true.  Stressed, fearful, and always on edge, I started asking the hard questions that come late at night: Is this all there is?  Isn’t there more?  The answer? It’s too late.  I will just keep going and find enjoyment outside of the work I’m starting to dread.

I was compromising.  I knew that deep down.  A deeper reality was emerging.  The truth was that I had heard my heartsong – the song that my soul refused to remove from my inner awareness – and I chose to not listen to it.

There is more to the story, of course.  In the end I decided to unstop my ears and and actually listen to my heartsong. I started to dance to my heartsong, and put that song into real-world action.  It was uncomfortable.  It was scary.  But I did it.  And I found joy and inner peace.

You see, the truth is that the clock isn’t really ticking.  Time isn’t actually pressing forward.  Believe it or not, all of that is just words.  True, time helps us gather with others at the same moment, makes the trains run smoothly, and reminds us of obligations, but when time becomes a tyrant, it’s time for a revolt!

It is never too late to make changes or even to begin our lives again.

Time is not meant to measure our lives.  Our lives are meant to make time special, beautiful, and the stuff of legend.

It’s not about where you are in age, but where you are in awareness.  Some people take longer to be aware than others.  A ten-year-old and a 70-year-old can both be at the same stage of inner awareness.   It’s not about how long you live; it’s about whether you truly live at all. 

You are called to fruitful living.  Living that matters to the lives of others.  A life that lives, that loves, that makes a real difference.  If you find that you need to make changes to make that life happen, then it’s time to make the changes.  Follow that intuitive hunch that tells you there really is something more than the “this” you’ve settled on.

Everything happens at just the right moment in our lives.  That nudge to change jobs that grows over time?  It’s happening at the right time.  That decision to start speaking up for your needs?  It’s exactly the right time.  That inner shift that tells you to get out of the empty routine you’ve settled for, and start making meaningful, purpose-filled decisions?  There’s hasn’t been a more perfect time to start!

It’s all at the right time.  Now is the time to hear your heartsong.

It’s time to dance!


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Why did you start a business?

You could be one of the 40% of small business owners that wants more FREEDOM to live your life however you want. Or perhaps you’re part of the 22% whose primary reason for starting a business is because you want to make a difference.

Either way, your business is your dream, your income, and your legacy. You probably can’t imagine your business failing any more than I can mine.

And yet, according to Bloomberg, 8 of 10 small businesses fail. That’s an amazing number… 80%! It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? It certainly doesn’t feel right.

So what causes 80% of small businesses to fail? Cash flow.

Without consistent cash flow, you’re long term outlook isn’t great.  A recent study showed that 87% of business owners struggle with cash flow.  This same study also found that nearly all of these businesses do not have systems in place to generate leads and appointments consistently.

Meanwhile, the other 13% of businesses that DO NOT have cash flow issues…nearly all of them reported that they DO have these systems in place.

Cash flow is the key, the key to maintaining and growing your business. So how do you achieve a consistent cash flow? Book more clients. And the way to do that, is to get in front of more prospects and book more appointments.

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So when a guy with that record of success writes a book on how to generate more business, you KNOW it’s powerful information. His book, Booked, teaches the exact same system Josh and his clients are using to generate leads and appointments consistently.  And most importantly, fixing the cash flow problem for good.

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The results are in for The State of Small Businesses Report

One of the best ways to plan and grow your business is to get an inside look at what other business owners are doing.

What strategies are they using to get their message out there?

What goals do they have in place for the next year?

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This report will take you into the minds of over 1,200 business owners and show you…

  • What motivates them to grow their business
  • What their biggest challenges are
  • What processes they have in place to generate leads and add new clients
  • How they’ve differentiated themselves in their markets – or what they’ve tried that didn’t work

And that’s just scratching the surface. The information in this report is very telling, and it’s all here for you to use to your advantage in 2016!

In all honesty, some of this information is alarming. One of the craziest stats in this blog, is that over 80% of responders say that their current lead generation strategies are NOT sufficient to reach their goals.


Fortunately, the data also shows the path to avoiding the pitfalls that many businesses encounter. Josh’s report will reveal how you can use this data to your advantage – go take a look now

There’s nothing to buy… there’s no opt-in. Just an outstanding report filled with some very smart insights to help you grow and scale your business.

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Release Limits, Embrace Life




4 Ways to Keep Your Vibration Flying High in 2016!

Contributor – Abby Wickersheim

It’s 2016 already, can you believe how fast time goes anymore?! How often do you say the day, week, month just flew by? There’s a reason for that feeling – the earth’s vibration is increasing. The Schumann Frequencies are literally the “sound” of the earth that we are able to measure. Just a few years ago the earth was vibrating around 7.8 hertz and most recently has been measured at 16.5 hertz. This means the earth is literally speeding up! For more information about the Schumann Frequency, head here 

As the earth’s vibration increases it’s important for each of us to keep our vibrations high and clear away the negative energy we accumulates on a day to day basis that weighs us down. Timage004his can be especially challenging as we kick off the new year. Most of us have holiday hangovers, bills, the dreaded return to full work weeks and for many of us snow is a reality for the next few months. No need to worry, there are simple things we can do to keep ourselves vibrating high in 2016 right in sync with mother earth. When we manage our energy and thus vibrate high, we feel better and life gets easier. You’ll experience more positive interactions and synchronicities in your day to day experiences. High vibrations also make creation and manifestation a much more pleasant experience – we all want that right?

So, let’s get down to business, what can you do to keep your vibration flying high?

  1. GET OUTSIDE! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Invest in some winter gear and explore the outdoors. The miracle of nature and it’s healing abilities are still out there even if you’re surrounding by snow or a mere 30 degree day. A few minutes a day can do wondrous things.
  2. MUSIC Did you know that simply having music playing in the background will clear away negative energy? All the more reason to crank it up! If you have a few extra minutes get up and dance to release some of that pent up energy. Energy release = higher vibrations
  3. FOOD I know, we are all extremely addicted to sugar and comfort food by now, but you will do your body and your vibration a favor if you intentionally eat lighter. Pick whole REAL food rather than dense processed food and you’ll feel your energy and vibration increasing in no time.
  4. EXERCISE Not in the New Year’s resolution way, but in the way that takes a few minutes each day to release that energy you’re holding in. The guy who cut you off in traffic that you’ve been stewing about all day? You’re energetically holding onto that, without a release it will bring your vibration down.

These are just a few ways that you can easily keep your vibration high and I encourage you to do them daily. Each and every day we pick up the negative energy around us or even the energy we create and it must be cleared away to keep your vibration high. Just like you’d shower everyday (if you don’t check it out, it’s another great way to clear energy!) it’s important to clear your energy.

I wish you a high vibrating 2016!