4 Ways to Keep Your Vibration Flying High in 2016!

Contributor – Abby Wickersheim

It’s 2016 already, can you believe how fast time goes anymore?! How often do you say the day, week, month just flew by? There’s a reason for that feeling – the earth’s vibration is increasing. The Schumann Frequencies are literally the “sound” of the earth that we are able to measure. Just a few years ago the earth was vibrating around 7.8 hertz and most recently has been measured at 16.5 hertz. This means the earth is literally speeding up! For more information about the Schumann Frequency, head here 

As the earth’s vibration increases it’s important for each of us to keep our vibrations high and clear away the negative energy we accumulates on a day to day basis that weighs us down. Timage004his can be especially challenging as we kick off the new year. Most of us have holiday hangovers, bills, the dreaded return to full work weeks and for many of us snow is a reality for the next few months. No need to worry, there are simple things we can do to keep ourselves vibrating high in 2016 right in sync with mother earth. When we manage our energy and thus vibrate high, we feel better and life gets easier. You’ll experience more positive interactions and synchronicities in your day to day experiences. High vibrations also make creation and manifestation a much more pleasant experience – we all want that right?

So, let’s get down to business, what can you do to keep your vibration flying high?

  1. GET OUTSIDE! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Invest in some winter gear and explore the outdoors. The miracle of nature and it’s healing abilities are still out there even if you’re surrounding by snow or a mere 30 degree day. A few minutes a day can do wondrous things.
  2. MUSIC Did you know that simply having music playing in the background will clear away negative energy? All the more reason to crank it up! If you have a few extra minutes get up and dance to release some of that pent up energy. Energy release = higher vibrations
  3. FOOD I know, we are all extremely addicted to sugar and comfort food by now, but you will do your body and your vibration a favor if you intentionally eat lighter. Pick whole REAL food rather than dense processed food and you’ll feel your energy and vibration increasing in no time.
  4. EXERCISE Not in the New Year’s resolution way, but in the way that takes a few minutes each day to release that energy you’re holding in. The guy who cut you off in traffic that you’ve been stewing about all day? You’re energetically holding onto that, without a release it will bring your vibration down.

These are just a few ways that you can easily keep your vibration high and I encourage you to do them daily. Each and every day we pick up the negative energy around us or even the energy we create and it must be cleared away to keep your vibration high. Just like you’d shower everyday (if you don’t check it out, it’s another great way to clear energy!) it’s important to clear your energy.

I wish you a high vibrating 2016!



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