Do This If It’s Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

contribute by: Don Marlette

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  Only minutes before that big meeting, and you’re still only halfway to your destination.  Then the blame sets in: who’s fault is it?  Mine?  Someone else?  Next time, you say to yourself, I’ll make more time.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps this?

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  You’re past your “prime of life” (whatever that means!), and you have that itching desire to do something new with your life.  Something you’re excited about (finally!), and everyone around you is urging you to go for it.  But I’m too old, you think, too set in my ways.  It’s too late.  It will cost too much time, money, patience….I can’t do this.

Whether it’s the meeting or appointment that weighs us down, or the change that might put us on the path of a new life, these situations have a point of convergence, a piece that pulls them together that starts a chain reaction often leading to confusion and frustration: time.

Not enough time.  Too little time.  No time.  Past time.

I found myself on that same path, too.  I was successful at my work.  The music was sounding great, people loved what I was doing, I was even writing music for choirs and churches.  Yet, in all that flurry of activity and production, something was hollow.  Something didn’t ring true.  Stressed, fearful, and always on edge, I started asking the hard questions that come late at night: Is this all there is?  Isn’t there more?  The answer? It’s too late.  I will just keep going and find enjoyment outside of the work I’m starting to dread.

I was compromising.  I knew that deep down.  A deeper reality was emerging.  The truth was that I had heard my heartsong – the song that my soul refused to remove from my inner awareness – and I chose to not listen to it.

There is more to the story, of course.  In the end I decided to unstop my ears and and actually listen to my heartsong. I started to dance to my heartsong, and put that song into real-world action.  It was uncomfortable.  It was scary.  But I did it.  And I found joy and inner peace.

You see, the truth is that the clock isn’t really ticking.  Time isn’t actually pressing forward.  Believe it or not, all of that is just words.  True, time helps us gather with others at the same moment, makes the trains run smoothly, and reminds us of obligations, but when time becomes a tyrant, it’s time for a revolt!

It is never too late to make changes or even to begin our lives again.

Time is not meant to measure our lives.  Our lives are meant to make time special, beautiful, and the stuff of legend.

It’s not about where you are in age, but where you are in awareness.  Some people take longer to be aware than others.  A ten-year-old and a 70-year-old can both be at the same stage of inner awareness.   It’s not about how long you live; it’s about whether you truly live at all. 

You are called to fruitful living.  Living that matters to the lives of others.  A life that lives, that loves, that makes a real difference.  If you find that you need to make changes to make that life happen, then it’s time to make the changes.  Follow that intuitive hunch that tells you there really is something more than the “this” you’ve settled on.

Everything happens at just the right moment in our lives.  That nudge to change jobs that grows over time?  It’s happening at the right time.  That decision to start speaking up for your needs?  It’s exactly the right time.  That inner shift that tells you to get out of the empty routine you’ve settled for, and start making meaningful, purpose-filled decisions?  There’s hasn’t been a more perfect time to start!

It’s all at the right time.  Now is the time to hear your heartsong.

It’s time to dance!


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