Expectation is defined as a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Often on autopilot, we move through our days with expectations of what will occur, not realizing that those expectations are helping to create and manifest future events. If you have a favorite restaurant chances are you go there because you had a good past experience and you expect it to be good again. If you make a commute to a regular place like school or work you often take the same route because you expect it to be the fastest or easiest route to take.

When you expect something to happen, good or bad, you are tuning yourself to that vibrational frequency and the law of attraction gets to work to make sure that happens.

Let’s say you know that you have a meeting with your boss next week about a missed deadline. You spend time each day thinking about what will happen and you eventually settle on the fact that it’s going to be bad. After all, you missed a deadline so how could anything good come out of that? If you’re like most people you’ll even run through the conversation in your head at least a dozen times before the actual meeting – you expect this conversation to go a certain way and in this scenario it’s bad. You finally have your meeting and no surprise it was terrible. Exactly what you thought was going to happen did and the conversation went exactly as you planned in your head.

Two things are important to note from this example:

  1. Your expectation of what was going to happen and the repeated thoughts
  2. Feelings that came with your focus of that expectation

You expected to get in trouble because you missed a deadline. Perhaps this expectation was because of past experiences or it came from observing others go through the same thing. Your expectation had its own vibration and you continually practiced that vibration when you thought about it and played through the conversation in your head. Each time you thought about it you felt bad further tuning yourself to that vibration and by the law of attraction that is what was brought to you.

Your past experiences and current expectations don’t have to dictate your future experiences. You don’t have to create your life by default and continually experience the same crud you don’t want to experience.

Making the change to conscious creator starts with acknowledging that you do create your future and making the decision to participate in that creation. Bottom line, EXPECT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Why do most heart attacks happen on Mondays? Because we’ve decided that Mondays suck and we dread them. Ever have a case of the Mondays?!

There is no magic bullet, it’s going to take continual awareness and you’ll catch yourself sliding back into old thought patterns and that’s ok. When you realize what you’re doing stop and steer yourself in the direction you want to be headed.

The next time you have a meeting with your boss, what could happen if you expect it to go well? What could happen if you change the conversation in your head? With a little practice, amazing things happen when you start to expect great things.


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