Looking for More?

It is literally just sinking in…

I wrote a fucking book.

And published it.

I seriously did.

It’s crazy and insane to realize a dream.

It feels soooo right and soooooo weird all at the same time.

But that is what it is like when you do something you have been dreaming about for a long ass time.

I felt this way when:

I graduated college
Both times I got married (and divorced)
When I got my MBA
At my military commissioning
I traveled overseas for the first time
My first kiss (and sex)
I got promoted for the first time
I opened my own business
Received my coaching certification
Began teaching at the college level
Got accepted to my doctoral program

And on and on….

You probably have a list too.

Is everything you dream of on the already did it side?

gawd I hope not.

But there are a few things right?

We can put more on that side and take them off the wish I could side

To include…defining that “more” you keep wanting but can’t figure out.

I remember that feeling well also…I remember telling a good friend I knew there was more for me…that there was more to life than routine and retirement…but I didn’t know WHAT.

I want to help you if this is you. That is the major motivation behind the book. To help you create an awesome life that knows what the more is and has a plan to go get it.

Buy the book, join my Art of Living Dangerously Facebook group and find your more.


photo jun 20, 8 27 31 am

Jennifer Murphy

I am a certified personal and executive coach ruthlessly focused on helping people live awesome lives.  I spent a large chunk of my life pursuing other people’s ideas of success and while those experiences were sublime in some cases, they weren’t the “more” I was seeking and I just never felt full. In 2011, I made the commitment to live life on my terms and everything changed. The life I love today was created and I am here to share and teach you exactly how to do the same for yourself.

I am founder of No Limits Life Empowerment Institute as well as a working glass artist, Reiki Master, Partner in Shaman Grocer in Iowa City, and Co-founder of the Midwest Reiki Festival.    My favorite time is spent doing anything soccer related with my aspiring world cup soccer player, 10-year-old Alexander.  I am also a pretty big fan of gaming (PS4) with my partner Craig while solving the world’s social problems. Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru


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