Intersecting with Long Time Friends 

Sometimes you are lucky enough to connect with people you share so much love with that even if time and circumstance come between you, when you talk again, it is as if no time at all has passed. I have a handful of friends in this arena and they are so special to me! 

Tonight I connected with a friend from my 2001 military deployment. We didn’t know each other before we deployed being from different units and specialities, but because of our jobs, we came into frequent contact. A friendship sparked and we found ourselves sharing “what will we do after deployment” stories, he commiserated with my mid-deployment divorce and I with his insane break up with his lady love. Returning to our base post deployment,  we stayed connected: we commiserated over failed relationship after failed relationship, promotions, separations and relocations. Our circle of friends expanded to others from our deployment and beyond, yet today he is the only one I stay in regular contact with. 

I was at his wedding, cried when I met his bride to be for I could not have created a better woman for him.  And I cried because I knew my marriage was falling apart as he found happiness. He and his bride cradled me in their home in Canada post divorce and helped my son and I create an amazing vacation memory we desperately needed. 

Tonight as we spoke and I caught up on family members comings and goings, sicknesses, victories and challenges I had a moment of wistfulness – a wanting to recapture the “good ol days” where our biggest concern was which bar to hit that Friday or who was picking up who at the airport. 

But as I surveyed my life and gained insight to his my next thought was how very blessed we both were: We had connected. We have stay connected and we can call each other months apart, pick up where we left off and support each other. My friend needed to hear that I cared and want the best for him and his bride and where they are right now, and I just needed to be there and be able to give my support without taking anything. 

Do you have these friends in your world? These gifts along your path whose path may take different twists and turns, but never fail to intersect, time and again?  When was the last time they intersected? Is it your turn to twist toward them and reach out for connection? If it is, do it. There is no reason to wait. 
Jennifer Murphy is an integrative life coach leading a team of incredible people to serve those who seek the next level of success in life. Learn more at