My inner bitch goes on a rampage sometimes, and it’s kinda fun. Seriously, if you could hear my inner dialogue at times, you would seriously wonder if I even like people.


The answer is sometimes.


But sometimes, I am so over everyone…I just can’t.


I can’t listen to one more story of learned helplessness.


I can’t deal with one more poor me my Mercedes is dirty rant.


I can’t watch one more beneficiary of privilege bemoaning the state of the world while sipping a double non-fat, no whip pumpkin spice whatever. (And I don’t even get the whole pumpkin spice fascination, I mean I love pumpkin but for reals with the obsession??)


And I can’t deal with fall lovers and pumpkins on front porches in mid-September (dude, it’s 95 degrees, that shit is going to rot!).


Yes, this all goes through my head.


We all have these moments, or days, or even weeks.  And I think it’s okay.  It’s okay to be cynical and snarky and indulge your inner bitch (even if you are a dude) from time to time.


You are human, it’s okay.  You aren’t any less spiritual than anyone else.  You aren’t an uncaring person and you don’t have to beat yourself up for years and days and go see a spiritual guru to heal you.  You need to admit you are human.


Now, if this way of thinking begins to dominate you, begins to be your decision maker and makes you intolerant of people, situations and ideas around you on a large scale you might need to seek help.  You might need to get some perspective from a healer, coach or a therapist.  Sometimes, we just get some wires crossed in our lives and need a little help uncrossing them.


I am a healer and a coach.  I work with people sometimes who have created this trap for themselves – the I am so over everyone mindset that has taken root. I usually use a combination of healing and coaching to unburden the mind, body and soul from whatever has taken root there and let the person see with fresh eyes and enable the resilience within them to make the shift into the optimal life they are capable of living. In many cases, this is the first step in coaching with someone – to free them from their own cage.


Which are you?  In a moment of snark and indulging your inner bitch, or in need of fresh perspective and ways to break free of the cage you constructed around yourself?


Apply for a Lackluster to Limitless Session with me if you find yourself in the cage – I can help you jailbreak!


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Jennifer Murphy

I am a certified personal and executive coach ruthlessly focused on helping people live awesome lives.  I spent a large chunk of my life pursuing other people’s ideas of success and while those experiences were sublime in some cases, they weren’t the “more” I was seeking and I just never felt full. In 2011, I made the commitment to live life on my terms and everything changed. The life I love today was created and I am here to share and teach you exactly how to do the same for yourself.

I am founder of No Limits Life Empowerment Institute as well as a working glass artist, Reiki Master, Partner in Shaman Grocer in Iowa City, and Co-founder of the Midwest Reiki Festival.    My favorite time is spent doing anything soccer related with my aspiring world cup soccer player, 10-year-old Alexander.  I am also a pretty big fan of gaming (PS4) with my partner Craig while solving the world’s social problems. Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru

Taking Action with Kari Rossetti

So, did you do your homework?  If you didn’t catch my last blog, no worries, I can do a quick recap so you can catch up!  I asked my readers to write down a list of ALL the dreams you have for your life right now.  Then think about dreams you’ve let go or stopped even considering them from happening.  Lastly, prioritize them.  Some of them may still be on you “that’s-no-longer-a-dream” list for a reason, so it can stay there.  Try to get at least your top 5 dreams, but even just 1 will work wonderfully for this next part.

This month is all about ACTION.

Before we run full speed ahead, allow me to remind you of how to achieve any goal…



One step at a time.


I will be the first to admit, my name is Kari and I’m a list-aholoic.  (Crowd responds in a low mumble, “Hi, Kari.”)  I make a list of ever task and “to-do” I want to get done.  Sometimes the list gives me anxiety and I get overwhelmed just looking at it so I cope by dishing up a big bowl of ice cream and watching an unproductive show on Netflix.  *NOTE: This is NOT an effective method to achieving…well, anything.  Unless your goal is to catch up on your favorite series.  Then, CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal!!

But I’m going to guess that is probably NOT your goal.

So let’s refocus.  My list-making, and maybe yours, can cause anxiety, but generally the intention is to visual how you’re going to make it happen.  And again, say it with me, one step at a time.  You may have to repeat this to yourself dozens or hundreds of times while working toward achieving your goal.  I know I do…and it truly helps!

Take a look at what you’ve identified as your tippity-top goal.  Look at the goal and really reflect on how it will feel to achieve that goal.  Visualize where you might be, who you might be with.

Now, bring yourself back into this moment, right now.  Look at the goal again.  Write down 3 actions you can take this week and realistically accomplish that move you closer to your goal.  Only you know what you are already committed to this week, so take into consideration those commitments.  Look at your calendar and set aside intentional time you will dedicate to this goal and to your achievement of these action steps.

How do those actions you’ve set for yourself make you feel?  Do they feel like BIG goals or not-big-enough goals?  If you feel comfortable sharing them with someone, go for it!  Ask for support from a close friend or family member.  And remember, I am always here to support you too!

Until next month, good luck!  And wishing you many blessings♥

KariKari Rossetti is a Life Coach specializing in Career Exploration, Empowerment and Freedom.  She has been developing her skills informally over the past 5 years and recently discovered her calling to practice these natural skills professionally while challenging herself to grow and be the best coach she can.  She is obtaining her Professional Coaching Certificate in Personal and Executive Coaching in December 2017 from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.  In her spare time she loves being in nature and playing with her family. She can’t wait to support you on your journey to freedom.


So Over “New Year, New You”

Seriously, screw it.  Why do you need to be a new you?

If you feel the compulsion to be different, maybe it’s because you aren’t being the REAL you right now.  Ouch.

Every single time I hear a phrase like that – which admittedly I haven’t heard as much as we close out 2016 – I want to puke.  There is nothing wrong with the REAL YOU.  The problem may be that you aren’t being the REAL YOU.  Okay, I will stop capitalizing it – you don’t need to be yelled at anymore…you heard me right?

The Real You is that energy within that is absolutely BEGGING to be let out to play.  It is the energy that craves something different that what you are doing with your life.  This energy wants to: 

  • start a business
  • go back to school
  • create art
  • write
  • find a true partner
  • love waking up for their life every day
  • shed the feeling of overwhelm every single day as they race around trying to please everyone but themselves
  • go on a spiritual retreat
  • connect with an animal
  • and on and on….

What is your spirit calling you to explore? 

As I shake off the stifling energies of the past time period I feel called to be the wild, sensuous, adventurous woman I truly am.  I feel called to stop hiding, to get exposed and to be unrepentant in my call to arms to the battle for the life you deserve, not the one you are subjugated into living.   My REAL ME (this is a passion yell) is a warrior, adventure and explorer.  I advocate when you are unsure of how to do it yourself.  And I teach you how.

This amazing TED video a friend shared last night on Facebook called to these energies within – it is a bit graphic at times, so I will warn those of you with more delicate constitutions.

You don’t have to be me, and your call isn’t the same.  But you have one.

If your life feels like pants one size too small then chances are you are not being Real You.

I beg you to invite Real You out to play tonight, tomorrow and all the days that follow.  

I recognize this isn’t easy.  If it were easy you’d have never succumbed to expectations in the first place.  YOU are worth the battle, the investment, the shift – whatever you want to call it.   

Your Challenge: 

Grab your journal and spend some time writing about your absolute ideal life – free of any limitations you feel in  your current life.  Write until you feel that buzz of anticipation, like you can’t wait to taste it.

Review what you wrote, make additions.

Pick one thing from that vision and do it now.  Bring it into your life.  One tiny thing.

dfcaxbf-p4g-morre-christopheThis might feel scary – when I did this, I was terrified because what I wanted was so incredibly different than what I had, I could hardly imagine how it was possible.  But I started with the purchase of white sheets and within 24 months my life was my ideal and then I got to keep stretching myself.

Find your white sheets. Invite them into your world, then the next thing and keep taking action to build the life you crave.

REAL YOU will thank you.  



Jennifer Murphy is a coach, teacher, mentor and leader at No Limits Life where she partners with the closet creatives, aspiring adventurers, and repressed rebels to move beyond expected success to create the kind of fulfilling life they crave.  To learn more about Jennifer and her team visit www.nolimitslife.guru


Face your shit.


Photo by Hieu Li via Unsplash

When I sat down to write a blog post about stress management I thought about your typical solutions to relieving stress.  Take a bath, read a book, or go for a walk…


But then it dawned on me, those things are just band aids for your symptoms. They don’t get to the root of what is causing your stress so you’ll never see lasting results. If you want to reduce yourself of stress once and for all, there’s really only one option: face your shit.

I know that sounds harsh, especially if you opened this up looking for a nice bulleted list of things to do, but when you avoid your problems they cause lingering stress. At first it’ll be just a little bit to get your attention. You can heed the warning or turn away and watch your stress get louder and louder. You’ll see stress manifest in all areas of your life, maybe with nagging back pain or trouble sleeping. Until you give yourself the opportunity to deal with it and let that energy go, you’ll never rid yourself of the stress.

I’ve learned the hard way in my life. One of my biggest stressors, as with most of us, is


Photo by Vitoly Taranov via Unspalsh

MONEY. I got to a point where I avoided it like a professional, I’m talking hardcore. I didn’t look at my budget, I didn’t open the mail and I left those bills in stacks. I told myself I’ll get to them later, I’ll check my bank account and budget my bills LATER, but later never came (weird right?). I did the bare minimum to get by, dealing with the absolutely critical bills. I told myself that I had plenty of money, until I was forced to face my shit.

One day getting my much-loved coffee, I swiped my card and it didn’t work. SHIT.

I pulled over into a parking spot expecting to feel a rush of anxiety, fear and frustration as I pulled up my banking app. I had to face that my bank account was negative sixty-two cents and I have a family to take care of. But in that moment I felt very calm, almost a level of peace you can say, which is not the reaction most people have when they realize they have no money! I felt that way because I finally faced my problem, accepted the reality and I literally felt the energy leaving. I LET IT GO!

Accepting where you’re at doesn’t mean that you’re stuck there, once you’ve accepted your reality you can get to work creating what you do want.  You don’t have to wait until you’re forced to deal with what’s causing you stress, pay attention to the many signs along the way and those begin with how you feel. When you think about the area that gives you the biggest stress, how does it make you feel? If the answer is not good, FACE IT. Look at it head on, accept that you’re there and that you can choose in that moment what you do want.


Photo by Jared Erandu  via Unsplash

Get proactive with your own stress management, don’t wait until it gets out of control. Your body, friends, family members and even strangers will appreciate having a stress free you!


Abby Wickersheim

Abby Wickersheim is a life coach on the No Limits Life team.  Her focus is working with people to align their personal energetic vibration with the vibration of what they truly want to create.  She uses her personal coaching program “Positive on Purpose” to guide people from frustrated and blocked to open and positive. Learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru