WARNING: I am going to say the F word in this email.  If this offends you, please stop reading.  We are probably not compatible at this point. I appreciate you, who are you are and your boundaries – stay strong with them.  Me, I say the F word and I am cool with it.


Super popular term these days right?  What do you give a f#$k about?

My partner has a t-shirt from our local co-op that says Local AF set against a picture of the state we live in.  Not our home state, but the state we live in.  It symbolizes where we get our food from.  Because, we GAF about our food.

We toss this phrase around a lot lately…and like so many, it has become diluted.  Because to truly GAF about something is significant.

I mean we only have space for so many fucks to be given in our world before the fucks we give become too many.


Where do you really need to and want to invest your fucks?

I recently read “The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck” by Sarah Knight and loved every word. Totally recommend you read it.  Her approach is similar to what I developed in aligning priorities – the tool I crated to help people focus on what matters most to them in creating life they love.

It is similar in that the focus is on doing what you want to do, not what you think you should do.  There is a HUGE difference in doing what you want to do over what you think you should do when it comes to energy investment aka fuck investment.

I particularly love the idea of a fuck budget:  setting up a number you have to give and when they are all gone…sorry fellas, no fucks here.

Love that.

I sped through the book, eating up the words and concepts and it felt instantly at home in my psyche.  In part because I already philosophically aligned 100% and in part because I needed to read it in that way to go even deeper with the energy.  Maybe you do too: get your copy here from amazon, or check your local library.


Free to Focus (on the f#$ you WANT to give). It kicks off 23 October and is 5 days of sorting through your fucks and where you want to allocate and invest in them, thereby bringing your focus to the stuff you truly care about!

Each day will have a theme and those that post daily will be entered to win fabulous prizes!

Signing on via the link below will provide you exclusive access to the video and email series that goes even deeper in to each of the topics for the challenge (and it serves as week 1 of the Motivated for More 13-week EOY/BOY program that helps to finish on top and start even higher as we transition years)



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Jennifer Murphy

I am a certified personal and executive coach ruthlessly focused on helping people live awesome lives.  I spent a large chunk of my life pursuing other people’s ideas of success and while those experiences were sublime in some cases, they weren’t the “more” I was seeking and I just never felt full. In 2011, I made the commitment to live life on my terms and everything changed. The life I love today was created and I am here to share and teach you exactly how to do the same for yourself.

I am founder of No Limits Life Empowerment Institute as well as a working glass artist, Reiki Master, Partner in Shaman Grocer in Iowa City, and Co-founder of the Midwest Reiki Festival.    My favorite time is spent doing anything soccer related with my aspiring world cup soccer player, 10-year-old Alexander.  I am also a pretty big fan of gaming (PS4) with my partner Craig while solving the world’s social problems. Learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru


Are you Too Busy For Time Management?

This week my son is in a 7 hour a day week-long soccer camp followed by a chiropractor session, a haircut, competitive club soccer tryout and bookended by soccer tournaments.

It’s a busy week for him.

It’s also prime training time for time management.

He’s 10 and life won’t slow down from here.  Increasingly, demands will be placed on his time as he gets more social, craves more mobility, plays in middle school and high school sports in addition to his club and continues with his hunting and fishing seasons.  Eventually (I shudder) he will have a girlfriend and she’ll want his time (she had better be good enough for him!).  Life will get busier and as his parent it’s up to me to model for him the best way to manage those demands.

It’s the kind of thing we didn’t really talk about when I was his age, nobody did.  I don’t remember people glorifying busy the same way – triple and double booked and racing all over hell and back to make it to every graduation, birthday, sport and event.  People said no to the things that weren’t most important.  That is the model I had.  Rather than just talking about it, I crave modeling and living with a time management model that is simply…simple. 

Back to my question: are you too busy for time management?

A few other versions of the question:

Are you too busy to focus on what is most important?

Why are you spending time on things that are not important to you?

Is there a reason your kids needs to play 4 sports?

Do you truly want to sacrifice your personal time and experience in this life to live vicariously through your kids, your friends or people online?

If I gave you 30 seconds, a minute even, could you list the 3-5 most important areas of your life and what you are doing to enrich them?

Are you investing in things instead of experiences?

These are the kinds of questions I had to ask myself almost a decade ago when I wanted to unscrew how screwed up my life had become.  They were hard to answer – despite the model I had growing up.  I had to spend some time working with a coach to pull away all the objections, forms of resistance and utter BS I had chosen to pile up around me.

If you struggle to answer those questions, you are in need of some serious overhaul in the way you manage your time.  Time is a finite resource – we get 24 hours in a day, we get this one life to live (in this incarnation), and we deserve to treat ourselves well in how we use it.  Not just well…outstandingly amazing.  We deserve to treat ourselves outstandingly amazing.

Three things you can do right now in 5 minutes or less to start treating ourselves outstandingly amazing:

  1. Optimize the next 7 days. Spend 5 minutes looking at your commitments for the next 7 days.  Say no to the things that are energy draining and unnecessary.  Send the card instead of going to the graduation party of the neighbor kid you say hi to once a year.  Say yes to the things that move you forward in life.
  2. Admit you can only be in one place at one time. Take a deep breath and recognize that you are only one being.  You can only be in one location at one time.  It isn’t your job to stress yourself out completely to make everyone else happy.  If you choose to over commit, do it because it feels fun – not because you want to have a heart attack in the next 12 months and die from stress.  Pick the event, activity or commitment that moves you forward and delegate, decline or defer the rest.  FYI – I just postponed a massage so that I could focus on getting some work churned through so when I do get that massage, I am not freaking out about my to-do list.
  3. Schedule 15 minutes once a week to optimize your schedule. Right now, set a weekly appointment with yourself to spend 15 minutes a week optimizing the next month or so.  It will always be a state of refinement, that 15 minutes will yield huge gains.

Yep, I get it, managing all the moving pieces of life is tough.  Part of loving the life you are living is loving what you are doing in it.  Those things are your choice.  You can choose to be too busy for time management and just keep letting life happen to you. 

You can take charge now, implement a couple of simple things and let me know how they work for you. 

If you struggle, it may be time to bring in the big guns of life coaching and together we will look at what drives you to insanity and help you conquer that chaos and chart a fresh course full of purpose and straight up fun.  Start here if this is you.

We have a mini-course on this coming up in August, then again in September.  It will kick off on August 1 at 11am CST and run for 4 weeks then again on September 12 at 730pm and run for 4 weeks.

Right now I am looking for input on this course and would love to have you weigh in via this short survey – can you do that? It’s only 8 questions and I have a bonus for those of you interested in taking this to the next step.

Click here to be an Influencer and provide us your thoughts on the best focus areas for the “Too Busy To Take It Time Management Mini Course”.


j36Jennifer Murphy is a life coach, help captive in Iowa, but willing to stay because her son anchors her in place and he is so totally worth it!  An expert in helping people across the globe prioritize their values and create a life centered on what they value most, allowing them to shed stress, overwhelm and the BS that can suck the soul from daily living.  Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru 


Are you Denying Your Love?

Do you have anything you LOVE to do and don’t?  Something you wish you could make time for and don’t?   You have lots of reasons why: work is busy, family is busy, you are tired, it’s expensive, you have to drive too far to do it, you don’t have the right supplies, the list could go on and on if I include all of the excuses I have heard from clients as to why they don’t do the things they love.

In those cases we are trading our soul for…what? 

In some cases, we can temporarily justify it.  We need to focus on our newborn children, a particularly demanding project at work, a family or financial crisis.  But those situations are temporary.  We trade our soul when we allow addiction to those short bursts of stress and they become habitual and then begin to feel easier than actually pursuing what we love. 

NOTE: If what you love is the constant drama of crisis, we aren’t going to go there. Go away, I don’t need that kind of crazy in my world – and truth be told, neither do you.

On my mind lately has been my love of writing.  I love to write, love it.  Loved it since I was a child; starting my first “dear diary” entry around 3rd grade.  So why do I deny it?

I can pull any number of excuses from the list above and tell you why they’d work for me in case against writing. But that is all they are, excuses; and you know what they say excuses are like…

My commitment to me right now is to release the limits of excuses today.  I’m embracing my love of writing now.

Your Living Dangerously Challenge: 

I challenge you to consider what you love and deny yourself.  Go through your excuses one by one and ask yourself when they expire. Be bold, write them down and give them an expiration date.  Celebrate their expiration and launch yourself into your love with abandon.

Release Limits, Embrace Life, Live Dangerously

Jennifer Murphy is a coach, teacher, mentor and leader at No Limits Life where she partners with the closet creatives, aspiring adventurers, and repressed rebels to move beyond expected success to create the kind of fulfilling life they crave.  To learn more about Jennifer and her team visit www.nolimitslife.guru




Facebook & Your Feelings

Oh Facebook, you allow us the opportunity to connect with people we otherwise wouldn’t connect to. You expose us to all types of perspectives and some of the most amazing recipes known to man. You also provide a home to the dreaded over sharers and complainers of the world that annoy the crap out of us! We ALL have that Facebook friend that drives us mad while we lecture them in our heads, we’ll never understand why they air their dirty laundry publicly or become a politician every time an election comes around.

facebook and friends

These people are draining us energetically, intentional or not.

Have you ever walked away from Facebook feeling more frustrated than before you checked it? If the answer is yes, you might want to rethink how you use it. Why? Because those feelings are in fact tuning your vibrational point of attraction whether you realize it or not. How you feel is your guidance system to know if you are attracting the people and circumstances you want or don’t want. It’s simple, if you’re feeling good you are on the right track to what you want and if you aren’t feeling good you are headed the wrong direction.

Do not despair, you can still use Facebook and keep your vibration on the right side of the tracks.

Consider these things when using Facebook:

Timing: 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Most of us haven’t even brushed our teeth and we are opening ourselves up to a world of images and opinions that invoke feelings within us and start our day tuning to a less than ideal frequency. Consider when you check in – I suggest getting intentional with your vibration and getting your feet under you each day before you check in (literally and figuratively). It might mean that you don’t check in until after breakfast or after you’ve started your workday. Try tweaking your timing and see if you notice a difference.

Your friends list: How many friends do you have that you would actually speak to if you saw them in public? How many friends do you have that are negative and self-sabotaging? How many friends do you have that you can count on to provide positive quotes and articles that lift you up? Spend some time going through that friends list and get rid of the ones that don’t make you feel good. If you’re worried about hurt feelings or don’t want to cut the cord completely go to their page and unfollow them. Like magic you’ll no longer have to see them pop up in your feed and you’re still friends. Best of all they’ll never know!

The good stuff: Consider intentionally following pages that provide uplifting content, motivate you to reach your goals and make you feel good. Be intentional about what you’re exposing yourself to and control how you feel when using it. Here’s one of my personal favorites: https://www.facebook.com/NoLimitsLifeCoachingLlc/?fref=ts

At the end of the day you can be drained emotionally and energetically when you check in with the Facebook or you can be uplifted – what are you going to choose?


Abby Wickersheim is a life coach on the No Limits Life Team.  Her specialty is helping you tune your energies to what you want most in life and taking action to get it.  You can learn more about Abby and her programs at http://www.nolimitslife.guru

Less is Happiness

In 2013 the sale was final on my suburban home.  A dream realized as I moved from my complicated, maintenance needy home of 2700 square feet to my 535 square foot apartment.  Just me and my son at this point, I sought less.  I wanted a simpler less “stuff” inspired life and I began to create it.  Last year I moved again; this time to a similar sized space cutting down my commute time – finding increased simplicity and reducing my overall footprint on the physical landscape of our world.  Walking to my studio a block away became a routine and I have loved it.

When I began to construct my idea of the perfect life, simplicity was my soul’s demand. Simplicity meant a greater degree of freedom and independence in my life, allowing me to create the lifestyle I wanted – not just the home, car or job, the WHOLE picture.

In each successive move, I freed myself of things: clothing, decorations, kitchenware, memorabilia, and more.  Each piece I discarded had become miscellaneous – without purpose- and with each discarded item, I felt lighter.  Several truckloads left the big house, several more when I got into the new space and couldn’t create a walkway through the boxes, even more when I moved to the latest apartment and gradually some moved out with the seasons over the past year as well.

Now I prepare for another move – this time to a larger place. As my 9 year old heals from his separation anxiety and gets bigger and more mature, he needs his own space.  A shared bedroom is no longer a place of security and simplicity, but a place of too close quarters and lack of freedom.  So it is time to consciously expand.

Tomorrow we make the move, my 30th, just one block down to a 2 bedroom apartment where my squeak gets his room and I get my private space back.  One might think it would be time to expand “things” or hold onto things “just in case”.  But I have taken no fewer than 8 boxes full of things to our local donation center in preparation for this move.  Just because I have the space, doesn’t mean I have to fill it.

As I sat in contemplation this morning, the connection of my last few moves to living in my life and participating in my life became clear.  In the past, I have clung to things as a measure of my worth or sense of success.  This behavior served only to stress me and create a false sense of security as I continued to build my altar to materialism and external opinion – really seeking to fill a void of lack I held inside.  It was like trying to paint an interior wall of a home from outside the window.

In moving toward a sense of internal success and creating a lifestyle built on experience and connection, I have felt more secure, more okay and more successful than ever before – making less money and having fewer things.

I participate actively in creating my life: deciding what to allow in or set a boundary against.  I reject the idea that someone else’s idea of success has to be mine.  My definition of success is what I strive for and connect with daily.

So with each move I make and each thing I release, I am allowing my life to be what I want it to be.  I am being intentional about what is allowed into my life and I am intentional about what I release.

And it feels so right.

For you:

  1. Survey your home – what is working with your energy and what is draining it? Are there things you need to release?
  2. Do you have a concept of what you want your lifestyle to involve? Is it all encompassing or focused on a single factor?
  3. Are you conscious about what you are allowing into your life? Or is it happening and you are trying to simply keep up?

We have a choice in what we create in this lifetime. Feeling successful in one area doesn’t have to mean sacrifice in all other areas.  And life doesn’t have to suck to want to make a change.  It can be good and get even better.  If you want a little guidance with this, let’s talk.  Grab a free 30 minute discovery session via my website www.nolimitslife.guru

Release Limits, Embrace Life.



Integrative Life Coach Jennifer Murphy is focused on partnering with the professionally successful, yet personally unfulfilled, to create the connected, sustainable lifestyle they crave. Learn more at www.nolimitslife.guru

Do You Work Your Life, or Does Life Work You? by Don Marlette

Every day you wake up and promise yourself that you’re going to live today to the fullest, and not let  your fears hold you back. You decide to do the tasks you’ve been putting off forever, deal with the assignment that’s been nagging you for the last two weeks, but –  somewhere along the way – you lose your nerve.   You keep postponing things and making excuses for all the wrong things that happen in your life.

And so it goes.  Every.  Day.

How do you take charge of your life?

Our culture’s conviction is that there must some technique, secret or product that, when applied properly, will make all our dreams come true and make us eager for the next step in our path.  The truth is there is no secret at all.  There is no magic system, seminar or ritual that will instantly erase your fears and zap you into your best life ever.  It’s really not a question of “how” to do anything!

We’re asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking “how” to take charge of your life, it is better to ask what kind of response life is asking of you from the outset.  Just as a child “out of control” is sometimes simply asking to be heard, your life may be asking you to stop and listen to your heart for a moment.

Actions to take charge of one’s life often fail because they are not inspired actions.  Think about when you’ve fallen in love.  Did you go out and buy the book, “The 8 Habits of Twitterpated Lovers” or “How To Enjoy the Person You’re Head-Over-Heels In Love With”?  No way!  Love itself seemed to take over, and you followed a mindset of inspired action that seemed to pull you effortlessly from one idea or action to the next.

The same is true about your life.  Life is not a project; it’s a love affair!  We spend far too much time building monuments bereft of meaning and fixing problems that are best left to someone else, all in the name of being “busy”, rather than taking inspired action from a heartfelt call.

You are not asked by life to “work on” things, to create personal growth projects or construct role-based goals, ideals and aspirations simply for their own sake.  Instead, you are asked to fall in love with life, allow your hopes and dreams to emerge from a passion-driven heart, and take inspired actions to make these hopes and dreams a reality.

The first step toward living from that passionate state is the most important.  Stop.  Find a quiet place with your journal and a pen.  Close your eyes and focus inward.  Listen to your heart’s call.  What is it saying to you at its deepest level?

The next step is to take an honest inventory of your life right now.  What is working in harmony with that call?  What is working against it?  And then be brutally honest with yourself: Are you willing to let go of those things that are in working against your heart’s deepest longing?

Finally, ask your heart what two or three actions you can take over the next week to make its desires a reality.  Listen carefully and note those actions.  Make a commitment to do them, realizing that these are inspired, soul-driven actions with a higher purpose.  You will quickly realize that these actions are things you really want to do, because they lead you to a life you actually want to have.

As you accomplish each action, celebrate it.  After all, this is not busywork; you are taking meaningful steps toward a soul-realized life!

Once you actually experience the energy and joy from moving toward who you really are, other inspired actions will start to emerge into your awareness.  Now I won’t lie to you: challenges will come your way at times.  Yet, you will be able to face these challenges, knowing that you are aligned with a greater purpose, and this alignment will give you the insight, energy and resolve to overcome those obstacles with creativity and focus.


Ready to move forward with your heartfelt life?  Don Marlette can help.  Sign up for a free 30 minute consult and learn more about Don Marlette and the entire No Limits Life team at http://www.nolimitslife.guru










Do This If It’s Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

contribute by: Don Marlette

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  Only minutes before that big meeting, and you’re still only halfway to your destination.  Then the blame sets in: who’s fault is it?  Mine?  Someone else?  Next time, you say to yourself, I’ll make more time.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps this?

The clock is ticking.  Time is pressing forward.  You’re past your “prime of life” (whatever that means!), and you have that itching desire to do something new with your life.  Something you’re excited about (finally!), and everyone around you is urging you to go for it.  But I’m too old, you think, too set in my ways.  It’s too late.  It will cost too much time, money, patience….I can’t do this.

Whether it’s the meeting or appointment that weighs us down, or the change that might put us on the path of a new life, these situations have a point of convergence, a piece that pulls them together that starts a chain reaction often leading to confusion and frustration: time.

Not enough time.  Too little time.  No time.  Past time.

I found myself on that same path, too.  I was successful at my work.  The music was sounding great, people loved what I was doing, I was even writing music for choirs and churches.  Yet, in all that flurry of activity and production, something was hollow.  Something didn’t ring true.  Stressed, fearful, and always on edge, I started asking the hard questions that come late at night: Is this all there is?  Isn’t there more?  The answer? It’s too late.  I will just keep going and find enjoyment outside of the work I’m starting to dread.

I was compromising.  I knew that deep down.  A deeper reality was emerging.  The truth was that I had heard my heartsong – the song that my soul refused to remove from my inner awareness – and I chose to not listen to it.

There is more to the story, of course.  In the end I decided to unstop my ears and and actually listen to my heartsong. I started to dance to my heartsong, and put that song into real-world action.  It was uncomfortable.  It was scary.  But I did it.  And I found joy and inner peace.

You see, the truth is that the clock isn’t really ticking.  Time isn’t actually pressing forward.  Believe it or not, all of that is just words.  True, time helps us gather with others at the same moment, makes the trains run smoothly, and reminds us of obligations, but when time becomes a tyrant, it’s time for a revolt!

It is never too late to make changes or even to begin our lives again.

Time is not meant to measure our lives.  Our lives are meant to make time special, beautiful, and the stuff of legend.

It’s not about where you are in age, but where you are in awareness.  Some people take longer to be aware than others.  A ten-year-old and a 70-year-old can both be at the same stage of inner awareness.   It’s not about how long you live; it’s about whether you truly live at all. 

You are called to fruitful living.  Living that matters to the lives of others.  A life that lives, that loves, that makes a real difference.  If you find that you need to make changes to make that life happen, then it’s time to make the changes.  Follow that intuitive hunch that tells you there really is something more than the “this” you’ve settled on.

Everything happens at just the right moment in our lives.  That nudge to change jobs that grows over time?  It’s happening at the right time.  That decision to start speaking up for your needs?  It’s exactly the right time.  That inner shift that tells you to get out of the empty routine you’ve settled for, and start making meaningful, purpose-filled decisions?  There’s hasn’t been a more perfect time to start!

It’s all at the right time.  Now is the time to hear your heartsong.

It’s time to dance!


Learn more at http://www.nolimitslife.guru



4 Ways to Keep Your Vibration Flying High in 2016!

Contributor – Abby Wickersheim

It’s 2016 already, can you believe how fast time goes anymore?! How often do you say the day, week, month just flew by? There’s a reason for that feeling – the earth’s vibration is increasing. The Schumann Frequencies are literally the “sound” of the earth that we are able to measure. Just a few years ago the earth was vibrating around 7.8 hertz and most recently has been measured at 16.5 hertz. This means the earth is literally speeding up! For more information about the Schumann Frequency, head here 

As the earth’s vibration increases it’s important for each of us to keep our vibrations high and clear away the negative energy we accumulates on a day to day basis that weighs us down. Timage004his can be especially challenging as we kick off the new year. Most of us have holiday hangovers, bills, the dreaded return to full work weeks and for many of us snow is a reality for the next few months. No need to worry, there are simple things we can do to keep ourselves vibrating high in 2016 right in sync with mother earth. When we manage our energy and thus vibrate high, we feel better and life gets easier. You’ll experience more positive interactions and synchronicities in your day to day experiences. High vibrations also make creation and manifestation a much more pleasant experience – we all want that right?

So, let’s get down to business, what can you do to keep your vibration flying high?

  1. GET OUTSIDE! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Invest in some winter gear and explore the outdoors. The miracle of nature and it’s healing abilities are still out there even if you’re surrounding by snow or a mere 30 degree day. A few minutes a day can do wondrous things.
  2. MUSIC Did you know that simply having music playing in the background will clear away negative energy? All the more reason to crank it up! If you have a few extra minutes get up and dance to release some of that pent up energy. Energy release = higher vibrations
  3. FOOD I know, we are all extremely addicted to sugar and comfort food by now, but you will do your body and your vibration a favor if you intentionally eat lighter. Pick whole REAL food rather than dense processed food and you’ll feel your energy and vibration increasing in no time.
  4. EXERCISE Not in the New Year’s resolution way, but in the way that takes a few minutes each day to release that energy you’re holding in. The guy who cut you off in traffic that you’ve been stewing about all day? You’re energetically holding onto that, without a release it will bring your vibration down.

These are just a few ways that you can easily keep your vibration high and I encourage you to do them daily. Each and every day we pick up the negative energy around us or even the energy we create and it must be cleared away to keep your vibration high. Just like you’d shower everyday (if you don’t check it out, it’s another great way to clear energy!) it’s important to clear your energy.

I wish you a high vibrating 2016!



A Solid (And Easy) Foundation for 2016

by Don Marlette

 The New Year has begun, and it’s time to set your goals for the year. Make your dreams happen, improve your relationships, change your job, lose some weight… the list is endless. Then you have to figure out how to actually do all of it without going crazy!

Regardless of your goals, it’s important to begin with a solid foundation. Most of the time, though, we build our hopes and dreams on the shifting sand of our current habits. When our dreams and goals are challenged, our old habits kick in to gear, and everything starts to shift. Before we know it, the sand has shifted and our house is lost to the elements. Sabotage!

When we choose to build our dreams and goals on the solid rock foundation of simple and easy daily practices and habits, everything changes. Challenges may happen, but we can weather them more successfully, and we greatly increase our chances of meeting our goals, no matter what they are.

Below are three foundational practices: the Morning Minute, the Random 100, and the Evening Shoes. These provide a solid foundation that will give you greater control over your day, increase your sense of accomplishment, and infuse your life with gratitude.

1. Morning Minute. This is probably the toughest – and most rewarding – practice that you can do. It is a huge step in taking control of your life. And it’s as simple as waking up in the morning.

You’re sleeping soundly, indulging in that latest dream….and the alarm beings to sound. Time to wake up! Or is it?

Usually, one would hit the snooze button for a few extra minutes of shut-eye. But why? After all, those few extra minutes are going to be interrupted again by the blare of the alarm, which means you really didn’t get any good “extra” sleep anyway.

Choose instead to get up at the first sounding of your alarm. Yes, it means putting your feet out of the bed onto the cold floor. Yes, it means pushing yourself a bit more. Yes…you would rather stay in bed.

But. But. In the first minute of the day you’ve met a challenge and crushed it! You’re already a rock star! This starts the ball rolling in a positive direction. After all, if you can truly engage in “mind over mattress” and master yourself for this first minute, there is so much more you can do to make your best life start happening for the rest of the day!

2. The Random 100. You have work to do, people to meet, and time to use wisely. Yet, we seldom realize how much of our days are spent in criticism of ourselves (or others), wanting “more” to happen, and constant comparison of ourselves to any number of people, standards or ideas.

The Random 100 challenges us to make random acts of gratitude at least 100 times each day. Rather than focus on what’s missing, the Random 100 moves our attention to what is already present, with an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude. It’s as simple as saying “thank you” when something positive happens, and saying “thank you” when something challenging comes our way.

Over time, gratitude starts to become a focus for our day, and we begin to see the real gift of the Present Moment, with all its power and possibility.

3. Evening Shoes. The Evening Shoes is a perfect time to reinforce all the positive steps you’ve made today. And it’s as easy as looking at your shoes.

Take a look at your shoes. Where have they been today? Where did you go? What did you do? What people did you meet…or avoid? Just think about it for a moment.

Now think about your victories. What triumphs did you have today? What positive steps did you make for any or all of your goals?

Finally, think about tomorrow. What will you do differently tomorrow? What new steps will you take in your shoes? What will make your shoes have an even more awesome report tomorrow night?

Now you can go to sleep knowing that you’ve made progress, and tomorrow is another set of forward steps in the right direction.

These three habits are simple, easy, and you can do them for a lifetime. They provide you with a solid foundation that will give you more confidence to achieve your goals, whether they are for the day, month, year, or even a lifetime.

Try them for one month, and experience the change for yourself!

Visit http://www.nolimitslife.guru to connect further with Don and the rest of the team at No Limits Life.


Live Your Best Life in 2016

By Eilynn Dixon

At the beginning of every New Year we all have the feeling of a clean slate to accomplish those things that we wanted to do last year or just something NEW for you in the New Year. This is a common theme for several of us: to set forth to live our best life for the New Year.

Well let’s really think about what it means to make a goal to make that new you, is it about the goal or is it more about the baby steps of action to really reach the goal? I think many do not reach their resolution or give up because we take a huge quest and try to swallow at once: we want to lose 100 pounds and see it gone by January 31st or the old faithful of saving a little more but then January 31st comes and we don’t see six figures in our bank account so we go back to old spending habits.

Let’s have a different mindset for how we will not only set the goal for a new you, but how to take the small steps of success to achieve your goal and stick with it past January 31st.

We all want to live the life of our dreams and we tend to allow fear stop us so many times and get in the way of what really matters most. We don’t realize it really is the little things that mean the most and make the biggest differences, for example:

  • When you make small steps to move past your fears it is not as scary.
  • It’s easier if you take baby steps to get to your goal by chopping up your quest into bite size pieces; much easier to swallow and results can happen sooner than January 31
  • Small steps help us move past our lack of discipline and be able to see the small accomplishments to propel us to continue.

It is all about putting one small step in front of the other and before you know it, you have walked a mile when you thought you were only going to walk a few steps.

If your goal this year is to lose a few pounds, change your mindset of “diet” and think instead of lifestyle change, here is what that could mean:

  1. Make the small change to incorporate drinking more water. This may not seem like much, if you are a soda drinker and you make the choice, to not just quit drinking it all together, but instead to make the conscious decision that you will have a cup of water instead of a soda at least once a day for about a week – you will make progress in your health overall.
  2. Then the next week you can say, “Maybe I will just have a soda in the afternoon and water or some form of water throughout the day.” This small change will have a major impact on your health, your energy and your weight. You will start to notice even just after the first few days there is a difference in you. Now don’t get me wrong – it is hard when you are addicted to a certain drink and why it is important to make the small steps of drinking a little here and there in efforts to not deprive yourself but to help you change the way you view beverages and how important the what type of beverage is consumed.
  3. You will begin to realize, it really is all about perception and engage the mindset of “I need something to hydrate and alleviate thirst and water is free and provides what I need” this gives you experience based reasoning that really makes drinking water more attractive than a soda J

When we become aware of our thoughts and how much they play into our behaviors it is a little easier to make those small changes. We usually don’t realize it is even an issue until we choose to make a conscious different choice.

For 2016 you can live your best life and that is by chopping up those goals into bite size pieces and before you know it, it will be December 31st and you can finally check off that one resolution you have had for about ten years now! 


No Limits Life Staff Member Eilynn Dixon is a Life Coach, Single Mother to 4 Boys and Best Life Advocate for all who want to go from okay to fabulous!  Contact jennifer@nolimitslife.guru about opportunities to work directly with Eilynn or have her come speak at your organization. Or Visit www.nolimitslife.guru to learn more about the No Limits Life Philosophy and team.