Two Big Reasons you Need a Strategy for your Idea


Sure. You could fly by the seat of your pants. In fact, in certain situations, the ability to be agile and flexible and adaptable to whatever is happening is a key strength. But a plan focused on both near term and long-term implementation of your ideas that allows you to use that agility in a focused fashion makes you unstoppable.


The two BIG reasons you need a strategy for your Idea:


  1. You get a cohesive plan to support your growth in your market or expand into adjacent markets
  2. You stay in touch with your customers and how your market is changing so you can adjust and grow with it


Warning, I am going to be direct right now.  If you can’t deal, stop reading.


If you don’t understand either one of the points I just stated, you need to get up to speed.  If you aren’t doing them, that’s a different story.  But if you don’t understand them, you need to get to learning right quick.


Your idea is awesome, give it the energy it deserves.  Build it a strategy.


Hopefully at this point, you are wondering how.  Since I am partial to my business of helping people do this, I’d tell you to start with a free No BS Business Strategy and Support Consult Session with me — > Here


If you don’t want to chat with me about it, visit and check out the great free resources they have available.


If that isn’t your jam, get on google and type, what is a strategy and why should I have one and comb through the data, research and anecdotal evidence that supports having a strategy.


I did all three: I hired a coach, I referred to the SBA and I researched.  Plus, I had years of experience building strategies under my belt from my time in corporate America and entrepreneurship.  Even with that experience, I hired help.


Because I can fall in love with my ideas and how they should grow, act and be accepted too easily and I need external perspective.


What will you do?


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Jennifer Murphy

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