The Manifesto – No Limits Life Empowerment Institute

My tribe is all about courage. My tribe wants courage to step out of the expected into the authentic.  My tribe doesn’t want to be stressed out, working jobs they hate in relationships that stifle them.

They want to thrive.

But they are afraid.

“What will people think? What will people say? What happens if I change? My life isn’t what I want, but what if it gets worse when I change? Who am I to ask for more?”  They exclaim.

“Oh, but what if it gets better!? Can I handle better? Do I deserve better? ” They whisper.

My tribe is simultaneously their best asset and ally and worst obstacle and enemy.

My tribe has ideas they want to follow, but aren’t sure how. They want to have more ideas and impact the world in a positive, big way. My tribe doesn’t want to live small. They want to live big, without limits and without constriction on the good they can do. They are fierce, independent beings who have too long not allowed their true nature to shine.

My tribe wants to be their own boss, they want to express their creative and spiritual gifts and talents and callings in a way that creates a purpose based profitable lifestyle for themselves. They want to move past the old idea that being a creative or a spiritual professional can’t pay the bills and create the lifestyle they want while simultaneously serving others and sharing messages in a big way.

My tribe has settled for too long in the lives constructed on false definitions of success and is ready to make some changes allowing them to be more, do more and live more fully.  They are going to walk through things that scare them, they will stumble and fall over these things but they will get back up and keep moving.

My tribe seeks courage within to do what fear says is too hard. They seek to do what their programming declares impossible. They crave the energy of creativity and spirituality as a way of life and not just something they do. My tribe is afraid and doing it anyway.  They are ready to face the fears and heal them, to face the old programming and reprogram it. They seek personal development and growth and are open to new thoughts, patterns and perspectives.

They want to be in love with their life – every single minute of it – and they take action to make love grow.

Are you with us? 

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No Limits Life Empowerment Institute was founded by Jennifer Murphy, the leveling up of here business No Limits Life established in 2011.  Jennifer is curating a team of domain experts in the areas of life that matter most: your purpose, your career, your energies and your ability to take care of you as you serve others.  More domains will be added as we grow – there are No Limits to where we can go! 

3 small acts of Courage to Create the Life you were Meant to Live

Courage, it’s not something to fear.

Within each of us is a seed of courage, either sprouting and thriving or waiting for the right time and attention to burst forth.

It is this courage that can propel us to create the life we feel meant to live.

If you are already living your dream life, then read no further.  But if you are not, I have 3 small acts you can take now to get in touch with that courage to create the life you feel meant to live.

  1. Stop saying no to your dreams.

Embrace the art of the possible: whatever you are craving can exist.  If you don’t even acknowledge the possibility, how can it manifest?

Not so long ago I had to give myself permission to dream of a different life.  I didn’t even realize I had denied myself.  But I had stepped into the expected version of a “successful life” and was not allowing myself to see the possibilities of living a more carefree, simple existence doing and being who I had wanted to be when I was a high school dreamer.

Military career, deployments, corporate life and family creation and dissolution left me without an identity I felt was truly me – I had lost me at some point on this winding path and was ready to rescue me – but wasn’t sure where to start.

Embracing this possibility of an alternate reality, I was able to see new opportunities in my life which led me back into the metaphysical realm, a healthier eating habit, going into business for myself and being the parent I really want to be to my son.

To make this work for you, take the time to acknowledge the idea or dream you have been pushing away through journaling, meditation or discussion with a trusted source.

  1. Take one action NOW.

As you open up to the possibility – details will spring forth: the type of home, the hobbies, the people, the experiences.  These are not “someday” things.

Pick one and bring it into the now.  I often share the story of my white sheets.  In my ideal life, I wanted to have crisp, clean white sheets and bedding.  This was an easy to achieve detail in the now.  I bought them and put them on my bed and woke up to a possibility I had obstinately denied myself for too long.

But this small act of courage allowed me to take another action and I shifted eating habits, leading me to the next action and the action after that.  And within a relatively short amount of time, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop marveling at the fact of my living in the reality I hadn’t thought possible.

What is your “white sheets”?

  1. Create.

As adults, we don’t create enough – or we don’t acknowledge what we do is creative.  Creating a clay piece, a glass bead, a doodle, a hemp necklace or a new dish in the kitchen are ways to inspire you to try new things.

Why Create? To take you outside of your comfort zone.

When you are outside of your comfort zone, your natural intuitive resourcefulness kicks in and courage plays a big role in that resourcefulness. You also see things anew, or for the first time, inherently opening up fresh avenues to possibilities.

Create whatever you want, even a simply coloring book can be regenerative.  It can move you into the part of the brain you don’t use quite as much – or at least acknowledge the use of – and invite fresh energy to play.

These three small acts of courage open you up to creating the life you feel meant to live, but aren’t sure how to build the bridge from where you are to that life.  These three acts can open up a whole new set of building tools, paths you may have missed before and experiences to capitalize on.

I’d love to hear your experiences with these!    Comment below or send me an email at

Live Dangerously, Be You

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy embraces the art of living dangerously through her work as a coach, artist, writer, mother and more, always more. Her core philosophy is there really is no limit to the possibilities in your life, be true to you and create your personal path.   You can connect with her at

Want to Geek Out? Go Ahead.

There are pieces of me that true embrace the “geek” culture.  I despise that label though because I think you really ought to just embrace what you like and forget about all the labeling, the need to identify and the bull around identifying as a “hipster geek” or whatever label you choose.

If you want to watch Doctor Who, Red Dwarf or Star Wars come on over to my apartment anytime. And I don’t care if you can recite dialogue, wear your best scarf or have a Luke tattoo, or not.  Just come an enjoy it because you do.

I wonder at the insanity of being “a fan” and am fascinated by how that has exploded in this day and age of being able to see and share everything.

And we do see and share everything don’t we?  I know more about the story lines of shows that I have never watched than I care to: It would appear something startling happened on Grey’s Anatomy relatively recently?

Without waxing poetic for pages and paragraphs, my message here is simple, enjoy what you enjoy and don’t worry about whether it is cool or not.

And if you don’t publicly follow any geek culture, sport or sports team, political sphere culture or anything else and just care to observe and investigate on the down low, go for it.

Maybe that means you want to deck yourself out in all kinds of in your fave memorabilia, maybe you don’t.  Maybe it means you just like it and enjoy the entertainment.

Anyway, for those that like to collect publicly or privately, today is Star Wars day on Amazon.  In honor of the movie still a ways off in the release, we get to promote the heck out of merchandise now.  Do any of you remember the days of the merchandise coming out after the movie?  Or at least in parallel?

With a shake of my head and a nod to my frugal nature, I want to tell you to check out the savings on some fun stuff. If you need gear, check it out.  If you want gear check it out.

If you want to comment on the irony of my promoting buying stuff on the same sentence as the word frugal, go ahead. But in any case, be you and own being you – publicly, privately, anyway you want.