One Minute Musing: Weak Links

Over the weekend my son and I traveled to a soccer tournament almost 2 hours away – both days.  4 hours on the road meant lots of time for podcasts.  I chose Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History for our trip and encountered an interesting thread embedded in one where he was talking about college education and endowment funding.

The podcast itself was riveting, but the part that caught my attention the most was about soccer and it being a weak link sport. In other words….the team is only as good as it’s weakest link.  The best player on the team is no use if the other players can’t pass well enough to get him the ball.  The best defense in the world isn’t enough if the goal keeper can’t stop the ball…etc.  He referred to the book “The Numbers Game” by Christopher Anderson and I now have it on hold at the library.  (amazon link)

As a soccer mom and a student of human beings and leadership, this concept fascinates me and I can’t wait to read and learn more. It begged the question…where are the weak links in my world and how can I train them to be better?

Where can you?


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