Do You Work Your Life, or Does Life Work You? by Don Marlette

Every day you wake up and promise yourself that you’re going to live today to the fullest, and not let  your fears hold you back. You decide to do the tasks you’ve been putting off forever, deal with the assignment that’s been nagging you for the last two weeks, but –  somewhere along the way – you lose your nerve.   You keep postponing things and making excuses for all the wrong things that happen in your life.

And so it goes.  Every.  Day.

How do you take charge of your life?

Our culture’s conviction is that there must some technique, secret or product that, when applied properly, will make all our dreams come true and make us eager for the next step in our path.  The truth is there is no secret at all.  There is no magic system, seminar or ritual that will instantly erase your fears and zap you into your best life ever.  It’s really not a question of “how” to do anything!

We’re asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking “how” to take charge of your life, it is better to ask what kind of response life is asking of you from the outset.  Just as a child “out of control” is sometimes simply asking to be heard, your life may be asking you to stop and listen to your heart for a moment.

Actions to take charge of one’s life often fail because they are not inspired actions.  Think about when you’ve fallen in love.  Did you go out and buy the book, “The 8 Habits of Twitterpated Lovers” or “How To Enjoy the Person You’re Head-Over-Heels In Love With”?  No way!  Love itself seemed to take over, and you followed a mindset of inspired action that seemed to pull you effortlessly from one idea or action to the next.

The same is true about your life.  Life is not a project; it’s a love affair!  We spend far too much time building monuments bereft of meaning and fixing problems that are best left to someone else, all in the name of being “busy”, rather than taking inspired action from a heartfelt call.

You are not asked by life to “work on” things, to create personal growth projects or construct role-based goals, ideals and aspirations simply for their own sake.  Instead, you are asked to fall in love with life, allow your hopes and dreams to emerge from a passion-driven heart, and take inspired actions to make these hopes and dreams a reality.

The first step toward living from that passionate state is the most important.  Stop.  Find a quiet place with your journal and a pen.  Close your eyes and focus inward.  Listen to your heart’s call.  What is it saying to you at its deepest level?

The next step is to take an honest inventory of your life right now.  What is working in harmony with that call?  What is working against it?  And then be brutally honest with yourself: Are you willing to let go of those things that are in working against your heart’s deepest longing?

Finally, ask your heart what two or three actions you can take over the next week to make its desires a reality.  Listen carefully and note those actions.  Make a commitment to do them, realizing that these are inspired, soul-driven actions with a higher purpose.  You will quickly realize that these actions are things you really want to do, because they lead you to a life you actually want to have.

As you accomplish each action, celebrate it.  After all, this is not busywork; you are taking meaningful steps toward a soul-realized life!

Once you actually experience the energy and joy from moving toward who you really are, other inspired actions will start to emerge into your awareness.  Now I won’t lie to you: challenges will come your way at times.  Yet, you will be able to face these challenges, knowing that you are aligned with a greater purpose, and this alignment will give you the insight, energy and resolve to overcome those obstacles with creativity and focus.


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Have You Met Don Marlette?

In 2012, I did.

He’s awesome – you should if you haven’t.

I had my first vendor booth at a psychic fair in Marion in 2012 with my then business as a retailer of metaphysical goods: stones, figures, herbs, etc.  Don had his booth next to us.  As the day went on, we began to chat and I learned that he taught classes, prompting me to invite him to teach in the classroom at our soon to be open healing center.

It was a year or so later that we decided to trade coaching and intuitive services and a true relationship formed.  We did a joint workshop called Twisted Links focused on life balance and the power of the mind.  We continued to pow wow on our life and business events.

In 2015 when I had my intuition hand me the idea for my latest business model, I ran it past Don.  He was pretty excited, but not more excited than I when he decided to sign on with me!

You can find Don’s full bio at, here is my favorite excerpt from it though:

Clients recognize Don as a very gifted psychic medium, who is a compassionate, peaceful and guiding presence, always ready to comfort and help those in need.  His most outstanding quality is connection.  During one public demonstration, one skeptic ended up sitting next to Don for the next two hours after the event, as he gave short readings to attendees.  At the end of the evening, the skeptic said, “I don’t believe you can do what you’re doing.  But you’re doing it, and it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen!”

If you are in the Iowa area and want an opportunity to connect with Don in person, on April 2 we are hosting an event called Parting the Veil: Explore the World of Intuition and Reap it’s Benefits. This will be a perfect opportunity to see Don in action and connect with him and his energy. And be sure to check out this article he recently wrote on your Visionary Type for a sneak peak.

You can also explore his offerings via our website and send us any questions you have.

Jennifer Murphy is Founder and Chief Visionary at No Limits Life, passionate about helping others find their perfect path to purpose.