One Minute Musing: The Nature of Wind

Growing up in my mountain town we had these powerful winds that blew through called Mono Winds.  They’d take out the weaker trees, discover which roofs needed new shingles and blow people around as they tried to do just about anything. They could be disruptive and dangerous.

I loved to lay in bed and listen to their rumbling and screaming through the oak and pine trees outside my window, branches scratching at the glass. Their eerie sounds were somehow soothing. It was just nature doing what nature did.

The simplicity of those moments came back to me as I fell asleep to the sound of wind outside my window last night.  A different landscape produces different sounds: a city-scape now instead of a forest and a rolling hills country instead of mountains.  But still, nature did what nature does, and I just got to listen.

We aren’t in charge of everything. Wind will do what it needs to do, and we don’t have to do anything except bear witness.  A reminder, we simply coexist.


photo jun 20, 8 27 31 am

Jennifer Murphy Life Coach

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