There was a Murder Outside my Apartment Last Night

In the trees outside my apartment a murder took place last night. In the 7 months I have lived there, this was the first occurrence. I wasn’t surprised; they are all over the neighborhood…noisy, random, a nuisance to some. I think they are cool. 

A murder of crows. 

Crows are metaphysically intriguing.  You can focus on the fact that they represent death, magic and mysticism. But the focus I connect with is the powerful energy of support to intentions they bring. As this new year brings about new beginnings, it makes sense to get super intentional about those beginnings and what they will be for you. 

What are they? 

What are your intentions for this year? 

I pay a lot of attention to the animals that show up in my life. I see no randomness in the appearance of Crow last night. As I left my partners house last night I said to him, “I never want to have a day like I had today ever again.” It wasn’t that it was bad, I just spent way too much time on something that doesn’t get me closer to the vision I have for my life. Those days will be fewer and fewer as I continue this journey I am on to live each day in my most authentic, highest vibrational energy. 

And I am grateful to Crow for his support last night and for however long he stays. 

Who is showing up for you? 

Comment and let me know which Animal is showing up in your life and I’ll help you figure out what it represents! A great book on the topic is Ted Andrew’s “Animal Speak”. If this topic interests you and you want to learn more, I recommend getting a copy. You can find it here

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