Want to Geek Out? Go Ahead.

There are pieces of me that true embrace the “geek” culture.  I despise that label though because I think you really ought to just embrace what you like and forget about all the labeling, the need to identify and the bull around identifying as a “hipster geek” or whatever label you choose.

If you want to watch Doctor Who, Red Dwarf or Star Wars come on over to my apartment anytime. And I don’t care if you can recite dialogue, wear your best scarf or have a Luke tattoo, or not.  Just come an enjoy it because you do.

I wonder at the insanity of being “a fan” and am fascinated by how that has exploded in this day and age of being able to see and share everything.

And we do see and share everything don’t we?  I know more about the story lines of shows that I have never watched than I care to: It would appear something startling happened on Grey’s Anatomy relatively recently?

Without waxing poetic for pages and paragraphs, my message here is simple, enjoy what you enjoy and don’t worry about whether it is cool or not.

And if you don’t publicly follow any geek culture, sport or sports team, political sphere culture or anything else and just care to observe and investigate on the down low, go for it.

Maybe that means you want to deck yourself out in all kinds of in your fave memorabilia, maybe you don’t.  Maybe it means you just like it and enjoy the entertainment.

Anyway, for those that like to collect publicly or privately, today is Star Wars day on Amazon.  In honor of the movie still a ways off in the release, we get to promote the heck out of merchandise now.  Do any of you remember the days of the merchandise coming out after the movie?  Or at least in parallel?

With a shake of my head and a nod to my frugal nature, I want to tell you to check out the savings on some fun stuff. If you need gear, check it out.  If you want gear check it out.

If you want to comment on the irony of my promoting buying stuff on the same sentence as the word frugal, go ahead. But in any case, be you and own being you – publicly, privately, anyway you want.