Are you Too Busy For Time Management?

This week my son is in a 7 hour a day week-long soccer camp followed by a chiropractor session, a haircut, competitive club soccer tryout and bookended by soccer tournaments.

It’s a busy week for him.

It’s also prime training time for time management.

He’s 10 and life won’t slow down from here.  Increasingly, demands will be placed on his time as he gets more social, craves more mobility, plays in middle school and high school sports in addition to his club and continues with his hunting and fishing seasons.  Eventually (I shudder) he will have a girlfriend and she’ll want his time (she had better be good enough for him!).  Life will get busier and as his parent it’s up to me to model for him the best way to manage those demands.

It’s the kind of thing we didn’t really talk about when I was his age, nobody did.  I don’t remember people glorifying busy the same way – triple and double booked and racing all over hell and back to make it to every graduation, birthday, sport and event.  People said no to the things that weren’t most important.  That is the model I had.  Rather than just talking about it, I crave modeling and living with a time management model that is simply…simple. 

Back to my question: are you too busy for time management?

A few other versions of the question:

Are you too busy to focus on what is most important?

Why are you spending time on things that are not important to you?

Is there a reason your kids needs to play 4 sports?

Do you truly want to sacrifice your personal time and experience in this life to live vicariously through your kids, your friends or people online?

If I gave you 30 seconds, a minute even, could you list the 3-5 most important areas of your life and what you are doing to enrich them?

Are you investing in things instead of experiences?

These are the kinds of questions I had to ask myself almost a decade ago when I wanted to unscrew how screwed up my life had become.  They were hard to answer – despite the model I had growing up.  I had to spend some time working with a coach to pull away all the objections, forms of resistance and utter BS I had chosen to pile up around me.

If you struggle to answer those questions, you are in need of some serious overhaul in the way you manage your time.  Time is a finite resource – we get 24 hours in a day, we get this one life to live (in this incarnation), and we deserve to treat ourselves well in how we use it.  Not just well…outstandingly amazing.  We deserve to treat ourselves outstandingly amazing.

Three things you can do right now in 5 minutes or less to start treating ourselves outstandingly amazing:

  1. Optimize the next 7 days. Spend 5 minutes looking at your commitments for the next 7 days.  Say no to the things that are energy draining and unnecessary.  Send the card instead of going to the graduation party of the neighbor kid you say hi to once a year.  Say yes to the things that move you forward in life.
  2. Admit you can only be in one place at one time. Take a deep breath and recognize that you are only one being.  You can only be in one location at one time.  It isn’t your job to stress yourself out completely to make everyone else happy.  If you choose to over commit, do it because it feels fun – not because you want to have a heart attack in the next 12 months and die from stress.  Pick the event, activity or commitment that moves you forward and delegate, decline or defer the rest.  FYI – I just postponed a massage so that I could focus on getting some work churned through so when I do get that massage, I am not freaking out about my to-do list.
  3. Schedule 15 minutes once a week to optimize your schedule. Right now, set a weekly appointment with yourself to spend 15 minutes a week optimizing the next month or so.  It will always be a state of refinement, that 15 minutes will yield huge gains.

Yep, I get it, managing all the moving pieces of life is tough.  Part of loving the life you are living is loving what you are doing in it.  Those things are your choice.  You can choose to be too busy for time management and just keep letting life happen to you. 

You can take charge now, implement a couple of simple things and let me know how they work for you. 

If you struggle, it may be time to bring in the big guns of life coaching and together we will look at what drives you to insanity and help you conquer that chaos and chart a fresh course full of purpose and straight up fun.  Start here if this is you.

We have a mini-course on this coming up in August, then again in September.  It will kick off on August 1 at 11am CST and run for 4 weeks then again on September 12 at 730pm and run for 4 weeks.

Right now I am looking for input on this course and would love to have you weigh in via this short survey – can you do that? It’s only 8 questions and I have a bonus for those of you interested in taking this to the next step.

Click here to be an Influencer and provide us your thoughts on the best focus areas for the “Too Busy To Take It Time Management Mini Course”.


j36Jennifer Murphy is a life coach, help captive in Iowa, but willing to stay because her son anchors her in place and he is so totally worth it!  An expert in helping people across the globe prioritize their values and create a life centered on what they value most, allowing them to shed stress, overwhelm and the BS that can suck the soul from daily living.  Learn more at 

Monday vs. The Livable Life

A woman threw herself in front of my car a few weeks ago, on a Monday.  She was clearly having a worse day than most.  So before you complain about another Monday, another terrible Monday, consider for a moment others actually truly struggle with the concept of life itself. 

Yep, you may not like your job.  Your spouse or partner may be annoying you.  Maybe your kids even grumped at you this morning.  But the concept of life being unlivable isn’t your jam; right? 

Not wanting to live is a different kind of dread.  I felt it about 13 years ago.  It was a Friday night and I was with a group of people with a shared interest in being better humans.  As I surveyed the room, I was screaming inside for help and unable to voice it.  I can’t recall ever feeling more alone in a crowded room.

I left and didn’t know where to go or what to do.  I was new in town, had no actual friends and few acquaintances.  I had quit drinking about a little more than a year prior and was wondering if it was worth it.  Why not drown my loneliness and despair in a moderately priced case of wine?  As I searched for a bar/liquor store/anywhere selling intoxicating beverages, I couldn’t find one – odd right?  I debated steering my truck into a telephone pole, but wasn’t confident the Silverado would sustain enough damage to end it all.  I kept driving.  Not knowing how, I found myself steering into another sanctuary where 3 people spent the next 2 hours listening to me cry, to my sorrow and self pity and they gave me not just a shoulder to cry on, but hope that I could engage in life.  I didn’t have to give up on it.  Up until I connected with them, I was in the energy of an unlivable life.  I had been working my ass off to be a better me and was more miserable than ever.  Leaving there, I was ready to keep going.

I went home to my 4 bedroom house – empty except my 2 dogs.  I crashed onto my bed fully clothed and my labs snuggled on either side of me.  Hours later I woke with the lights still blazing, the dogs watching me and a feeling of relief.  I had chosen life.

I have tough days.  I have days I wonder what on earth I am doing, why I should keep following this path and doubt spirit’s plan for me.  But I have never since wondered if life was livable.  I have never since felt the need to end it all.

Watching a young woman throw herself in front of my car reminded me of what felt like another person’s pain; as if from another life time.  She had half a dozen people around her corralling her back into where she needed to be, talking to her.  One grabbed her arm as she threw herself forward toward my car and pulled her back.  She had support – she simply needed to place herself in their care.

Sometimes we feel alone; we aren’t.  I am about to meet with my new coach for the first time.  A long time colleague, it is not a strangers meeting.  But it is a turning point for me.  I am not one to ask for help easily.  It takes a special effort to acknowledge the voice within demanding it.  But I have learned life is more than livable, it is limitless and to move to the next level, I need all the support I can find.

There are two morals to this story:

  1. Life is livable – your choice. 
  2. You are only as alone as you want to be.

Consider this the next time you find yourself complaining about a Monday or some other part of life that is livable if you adjust your attitude, choose a new energy and invite the right energies in to your life to play.

Jennifer Murphy is a coach, teacher, mentor and leader at No Limits Life where she partners with the closet creatives, aspiring adventurers, and repressed rebels to move beyond expected success to create the kind of fulfilling life they crave.  To learn more about Jennifer and her team visit

You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere Right?

Listening to the radio on the way back from a soccer tournament recently I heard a disturbing promotion.  The radio station had partnered with a fast food chain to promote going to the chain wearing pajamas at a certain time of night to get burgers and shakes.

If you are not slightly grossed out by this, I beg you to think a little bit harder about why you maybe should be.  Find it yet?

What torqued me even more was that this is the same station promoting a major farmers market in the area.  This gave me one more angle to be grossed out from – cheers to hypocrisy!

One of my principles in The Art of Living Dangerously is to Eat Right and Drink Water.  Experience has shown that when you slow down and make better choices it can’t help but leak into other areas of your life as well and soon healthy lifestyle choices become more convenient.

I suspect if you are here with me, chances are good you are being pulled to a specific or vague “more” that you need to explore and define further.  But you might feel like this radio station is acting at times…sometimes healthy sometimes not and in general exhibiting confusion on the whole idea.

My first foray into choosing the lifestyle I wanted (seeking the “more” definition), actually choosing instead of letting it happen to me, was to buy white organic cotton sheets; a simple thing with a big impact. This action led me to the next choice which was eating habits. As I gained increase consciousness about my eating habits I realized how many not so good choices I had made – the idea of getting burgers and shakes in my PJs wouldn’t have sounded so bad back then – even when I was trying to be “good”.

Let’s stop and think for a moment on our own experience:

  • Think for a moment about the energy that motivates you to get up every morning, have a healthy breakfast, drink some water, meditate and have a workout.
  • Now think about the energy you put into play when you run through a drive thru to grab a burger and shake. (Unless it is In-n-Out Burger in which case I will be right in front of you in line – we all have our weaknesses).

There is a difference right?  And think about how you feel when you have done the first rather than the second. Physically and mentally you feel different don’t you?

Yet, the perceived easy choice is the drive thru.   It is perceived as easier than packing a good lunch and snack for yourself when you leave the house.  It is perceived easier than the time and effort required to think about and act on the food you want to prepare and have for yourself.  It is perceived easier to simply pick a number from a menu and let someone else choose the quality of ingredients your body will receive.

It is perceived easier to not…think?  Really?  Is this true for you?  Have you joined the collective where thinking isn’t yours to do anymore?  Have you decided to relinquish control of your body AND your mind to simply consume whatever is perceived easiest and then simply bear the results?

Let’s examine the facts on this:

  • Organic foods are available at 3 out of 4 stores nationwide according to a report published by the USDA in April 2014.
  • 4% of the total food sales in 2012 were organic according to Nutrition Business Journal growing to 5% in 2014 with impressive year over year growth).
  • Farmers markets nationwide have quadrupled from 1,755 in 1994 to 8,268 in 2014.

My point in sharing those little factoids is that it is easier in recent days than as few as 10 years ago to access healthy food in your local grocery store and just down the block at the local outdoor market.  So what is holding you back from making this decision?

As you look at this decision to eat right and drink water and ask what might be holding you back,  consider where else you are settling.

  1. Are you doing what is expected or perceived expected rather than what you want to do anywhere else in your life?
  2. Do you know where the decisions you are making are based from within you?
  3. Are you satisfied and happy in your life?

You’ve gotta start somewhere if you want to shift anything in your life.  And I am assuming that if you are here with me, something is looking to shift. That’s what I do.  I help people shift to whatever they want to shift. Using the principles of The Art of Living Dangerously I have crafted, created, pushed and pulled my way into a life that is absolutely right for me.  I simply want that for every single person on earth – create the life and lifestyle YOU want.

Learn more about Jennifer Murphy of No Limits Life at as she creation functional torch worked glass in her studio and continues to shape the Art of Living Dangerously through her one on one a group work with coaching clients.


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