Taking Action with Kari Rossetti

So, did you do your homework?  If you didn’t catch my last blog, no worries, I can do a quick recap so you can catch up!  I asked my readers to write down a list of ALL the dreams you have for your life right now.  Then think about dreams you’ve let go or stopped even considering them from happening.  Lastly, prioritize them.  Some of them may still be on you “that’s-no-longer-a-dream” list for a reason, so it can stay there.  Try to get at least your top 5 dreams, but even just 1 will work wonderfully for this next part.

This month is all about ACTION.

Before we run full speed ahead, allow me to remind you of how to achieve any goal…



One step at a time.


I will be the first to admit, my name is Kari and I’m a list-aholoic.  (Crowd responds in a low mumble, “Hi, Kari.”)  I make a list of ever task and “to-do” I want to get done.  Sometimes the list gives me anxiety and I get overwhelmed just looking at it so I cope by dishing up a big bowl of ice cream and watching an unproductive show on Netflix.  *NOTE: This is NOT an effective method to achieving…well, anything.  Unless your goal is to catch up on your favorite series.  Then, CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal!!

But I’m going to guess that is probably NOT your goal.

So let’s refocus.  My list-making, and maybe yours, can cause anxiety, but generally the intention is to visual how you’re going to make it happen.  And again, say it with me, one step at a time.  You may have to repeat this to yourself dozens or hundreds of times while working toward achieving your goal.  I know I do…and it truly helps!

Take a look at what you’ve identified as your tippity-top goal.  Look at the goal and really reflect on how it will feel to achieve that goal.  Visualize where you might be, who you might be with.

Now, bring yourself back into this moment, right now.  Look at the goal again.  Write down 3 actions you can take this week and realistically accomplish that move you closer to your goal.  Only you know what you are already committed to this week, so take into consideration those commitments.  Look at your calendar and set aside intentional time you will dedicate to this goal and to your achievement of these action steps.

How do those actions you’ve set for yourself make you feel?  Do they feel like BIG goals or not-big-enough goals?  If you feel comfortable sharing them with someone, go for it!  Ask for support from a close friend or family member.  And remember, I am always here to support you too!

Until next month, good luck!  And wishing you many blessings♥

KariKari Rossetti is a Life Coach specializing in Career Exploration, Empowerment and Freedom.  She has been developing her skills informally over the past 5 years and recently discovered her calling to practice these natural skills professionally while challenging herself to grow and be the best coach she can.  She is obtaining her Professional Coaching Certificate in Personal and Executive Coaching in December 2017 from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.  In her spare time she loves being in nature and playing with her family. She can’t wait to support you on your journey to freedom.