Are you Denying Your Love?

Do you have anything you LOVE to do and don’t?  Something you wish you could make time for and don’t?   You have lots of reasons why: work is busy, family is busy, you are tired, it’s expensive, you have to drive too far to do it, you don’t have the right supplies, the list could go on and on if I include all of the excuses I have heard from clients as to why they don’t do the things they love.

In those cases we are trading our soul for…what? 

In some cases, we can temporarily justify it.  We need to focus on our newborn children, a particularly demanding project at work, a family or financial crisis.  But those situations are temporary.  We trade our soul when we allow addiction to those short bursts of stress and they become habitual and then begin to feel easier than actually pursuing what we love. 

NOTE: If what you love is the constant drama of crisis, we aren’t going to go there. Go away, I don’t need that kind of crazy in my world – and truth be told, neither do you.

On my mind lately has been my love of writing.  I love to write, love it.  Loved it since I was a child; starting my first “dear diary” entry around 3rd grade.  So why do I deny it?

I can pull any number of excuses from the list above and tell you why they’d work for me in case against writing. But that is all they are, excuses; and you know what they say excuses are like…

My commitment to me right now is to release the limits of excuses today.  I’m embracing my love of writing now.

Your Living Dangerously Challenge: 

I challenge you to consider what you love and deny yourself.  Go through your excuses one by one and ask yourself when they expire. Be bold, write them down and give them an expiration date.  Celebrate their expiration and launch yourself into your love with abandon.

Release Limits, Embrace Life, Live Dangerously

Jennifer Murphy is a coach, teacher, mentor and leader at No Limits Life where she partners with the closet creatives, aspiring adventurers, and repressed rebels to move beyond expected success to create the kind of fulfilling life they crave.  To learn more about Jennifer and her team visit




Facebook & Your Feelings

Oh Facebook, you allow us the opportunity to connect with people we otherwise wouldn’t connect to. You expose us to all types of perspectives and some of the most amazing recipes known to man. You also provide a home to the dreaded over sharers and complainers of the world that annoy the crap out of us! We ALL have that Facebook friend that drives us mad while we lecture them in our heads, we’ll never understand why they air their dirty laundry publicly or become a politician every time an election comes around.

facebook and friends

These people are draining us energetically, intentional or not.

Have you ever walked away from Facebook feeling more frustrated than before you checked it? If the answer is yes, you might want to rethink how you use it. Why? Because those feelings are in fact tuning your vibrational point of attraction whether you realize it or not. How you feel is your guidance system to know if you are attracting the people and circumstances you want or don’t want. It’s simple, if you’re feeling good you are on the right track to what you want and if you aren’t feeling good you are headed the wrong direction.

Do not despair, you can still use Facebook and keep your vibration on the right side of the tracks.

Consider these things when using Facebook:

Timing: 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Most of us haven’t even brushed our teeth and we are opening ourselves up to a world of images and opinions that invoke feelings within us and start our day tuning to a less than ideal frequency. Consider when you check in – I suggest getting intentional with your vibration and getting your feet under you each day before you check in (literally and figuratively). It might mean that you don’t check in until after breakfast or after you’ve started your workday. Try tweaking your timing and see if you notice a difference.

Your friends list: How many friends do you have that you would actually speak to if you saw them in public? How many friends do you have that are negative and self-sabotaging? How many friends do you have that you can count on to provide positive quotes and articles that lift you up? Spend some time going through that friends list and get rid of the ones that don’t make you feel good. If you’re worried about hurt feelings or don’t want to cut the cord completely go to their page and unfollow them. Like magic you’ll no longer have to see them pop up in your feed and you’re still friends. Best of all they’ll never know!

The good stuff: Consider intentionally following pages that provide uplifting content, motivate you to reach your goals and make you feel good. Be intentional about what you’re exposing yourself to and control how you feel when using it. Here’s one of my personal favorites:

At the end of the day you can be drained emotionally and energetically when you check in with the Facebook or you can be uplifted – what are you going to choose?


Abby Wickersheim is a life coach on the No Limits Life Team.  Her specialty is helping you tune your energies to what you want most in life and taking action to get it.  You can learn more about Abby and her programs at

3 Ways to Use Numerology in your Business (and Life!)

Numbers are literally everywhere we look.  Ages ago Pythagoras developed the idea that of numbers as symbols and tied them to predictable cycles (read more here).  Eventually, this progressed to tying energetic vibrations to the cycles and as we fast forward to today there are 478,000 hits for numerology calculator on google.  At any time during any day you can try one of these tools and get insight into the numbers in your life.

Numerology was a pretty normal part of life for me as a kid.  I recall people around me spouting off life path numbers upon learning of births, asking each other birth dates and then discussing the meaning.   It was just part of normal conversation.  I had no pull to learn more or less at the time.

A few years ago, I had opportunity to take a teleclass on numerology from a colleague and went for it.  I knew there was more to this stuff and wanted to know what it was.

I just kept diving deeper and today have what I would call a basic working knowledge.  I am not an expert and when people want really in depth work, I send them to my colleague Don Marlette who is amazing and can take your numbers and work his magic to provide you amazing insight via a private reading. Mostly I just do simple readings for clients and do the occasional psychic fair to share some new insight and experience with seekers.

On a personal level I use it a lot.  I look at key relationships in my life, I check dates, analyze addresses and phone numbers, and check locations.  But there are three simple ways you can use it in your business to see if the energy is supporting what you’d like it to be.

  1. Your Business Name.

As I was forming my business, I decided to check the name through the numerology lens.  My first business name was Life’s Adventures and it worked out to a 9 which was about high spiritual vibration and helping humanity.  A big mission and not exactly the heights I wanted to go to, but it helped propel me forward.

It led me to the next naming of No Limits Life coaching which is a 5 in numerology and a direct match to my life path number (the energy I am most fulfilled living) .  The 5 energy is about adventure and fun and passion and being in love with life and all it has to offer.  This is the energy of not settling. The exact energy I want to share with clients.

I will often shorten it to No Limits Life when I am encompassing the other areas of what I do in glass work and writing and that is an 8 which is about being the executive, creating financial prosperity and being in charge of my destiny.  Again, attributes I want to help people find the courage to embody.

To find the number for your name, use this link to find the numbers which correlate to each letter in your business name and then reduce it to one – so if you end up with a 64 once you add them all up, you add the 6 and 4 and get 10, then add the 1 and 0 and get a 1.  You can then look up the meaning of 1 on this link, or you can order the book “Glynis Has Your Number”by Glynis McCants and keep it as a handy reference for lots of things on the numerology front.

Do this whether you have a business, or are thinking about the name for one.  It can be very helpful in setting the right tone.

2. Dates for Events

Numbers have challenging energy and supportive energy relative to each other.  If you plan an event on a day that the numbers challenge each other, you might find it harder to be successful depending on where the challenge is in the numbers.

Each year has a number, each month, each day – how do they mesh with your business’s name or event name?  I like to check it out and see.

The process is the same as calculating the business name, simply add them up and compare.  Again, I recommend this book by Glynis McCants for reference because of its ease in explanation and comprehensiveness.

I did this when planning an event last year and can say I am glad I did it on the day I did.  I checked it out by the numbers as I was planning and there was compatibility.  Moving it around a day or two could have shifted energies positively or negatively, but on the whole, it went well and I believe it was in part because the energies supported it.

Again, this isn’t just for businesses!  You can use it for personal events as well.

  1. Personal Compatibility

I referred to this a little bit in the naming section, but it is important you don’t choose things in your business that are incompatible or in conflict with what you want to have happen: location, naming, phone numbers, office or studio mates, profession or whatever tools you use.

For example, in choosing my phone number for my business, (319-775-0509), I wanted to have both a 5 and 9 in it.  The whole number adds up to 9, the number of being of service to the world around me.

Another example, both the building and street number and the suite number my studio is in add up to 6.  The 6 is the number of nurturing and supporting family, home and self.  I do this as a large part of my work as a coach and I believe this energy supports my work.

These are just three areas that numerology can provide insight.  When I take a look at things through the numerology lens I usually find confirmation of my experience, insight into something that is puzzling me or help with pushing me one way or another on something.  I do encourage you to grab the resource I mentioned and see what you come up with!

Have you used numerology in your work or personal life before?  What has your experience been?

Jennifer Murphy is passionate about helping people see the more in life – their own special version of purpose and calling.  She cultivate courage through her work in teaching the Art of Living Dangerously and partners with people interested in making small shifts for big impacts in their life. You can learn more at

The Art of the Challenge

What is the benefit to challenging yourself?  You can certainly get by doing what you are doing and cruising along right?

Sometimes that is the perfect answer – keep doing what you are doing.  High five, right on man.

Other times you pine after a change, knowing you need to make it, yet not committing.

That is where I found myself with my blog.  I wanted to write every day, but couldn’t get myself to actually do it.  I kept wanting to and not.  It was a crazy mindset.  Ever done it?

So I just decided to commit and challenge myself to blog through the end of April every single day.  I counted the days and gave myself a 39 day blog challenge.

Today marks 30 more days to completing my challenge.

The cool part is that in challenging myself in one area, I find myself being more consistent in others, like:

  • I have been super on track with the Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation challenge which I have tried to stay on top of and complete several times before and couldn’t.
  • My email inbox is not overflowing
  • My desk is cleaned off

These are minor things, but they cost me time and inefficiency when I don’t do them.

Why is this a big deal? Why is a simple blog challenge revolutionary?  Why would I claim there is an art to it?

Because the nature of the challenge matters.

Well, I don’t like routine.  Routine will drive me crazier faster than anything else.  I like rhythm and flow, but please don’t tell me “you have to…” It is truly amazing how much I thrived in the military when I consider this.

The secret to the way I challenge myself, is that I challenge myself on my terms.  I only challenged myself to blog everyday –  I didn’t force myself into a timeline and deadline that would force me into routine.  I believe the challenge is about consistency, not rigidity and that works.

So this is for all you other aspiring and emerging creatives out there that despise keeping a schedule and just want to get consistent at creating.  Just challenge yourself and start.

So if blogging is your deal, start your own 39 day blog challenge today.  Start with day 1 now and carry it forward.  If it is something else, sill start the 39 day challenge – just do your thing.

Challenge yourself, you are worth it.

If you need some help with this – and figuring out what you want to challenge yourself with, check out my Art of Living Dangerously Free Monthly Virtual Series and I will be offering all kinds of ways to explore the world  you live in and how to make it more yours and even better. Register here.

Jennifer Murphy is an artist, life coach and writer who seeks to cultivate courage in others and partner with them find their inner guru.  You can learn more at

My 39 Day Blog Challenge

My 39 Day Blog Challenge

I am issuing a challenge.

There are no prizes other than self-satisfaction. There are no winners other than the soul.

There is no reason to do it other than pure passion and desire to form a new habit.

I have long wanted to publish a daily blog.  As have so many others that I encounter. Are you one of the many that crave the outlet of daily writing online?

If there is one thing you can count on is that successful writers will tell you that to be a writer, you must write. You can’t be a writer and dream of writing, or wish to write, or sit down for an hour a week and write. You must write: prolifically, badly, inspired and doggedly.  We must persist if we want to be writers.

Quite randomly I decided to just do it.  It is time to quit being a wallflower and step into the light with this passion I have.  Ever get that urge to emulate Nike and “Just Do it”?  So for the next 39 days I will be posting a blog.  If you want to join me, let’s do it together!  If you don’t – no worries. I am going for it anyway.

And if you don’t have a blog, try tumblr.  It is pretty easy to create an account and just start posting.

We have all heard it takes 21 days to form a habit.  We like to start new things on Mondays, we love to have support when we try to change things or adopt new things.  So I give you more than that.  I give you 39 days, we do start Monday, but you can even start today and I would love to support you ( I did – you can read my post  “Belief is Absolutely Not Enough” here).  And start using the hashtag #39dayblogchallenge and I will look for you and share your stuff!

Comment below and let me know you are in, I will look for you!

Why I Pick my Titles Last (and how intuition is a key team member)

So many articles pass my viewfinder on the topic of blog or article title selection and many of them tell me to pick a “spectacular title” then write on it to gain attention and move forward, others say spend lots of time making sure you have the perfect one, others hand you a list of title prompts to use. All of this is useful information and completely usable.  Below are a few of these articles for reference. To be clear I am not arguing with them as being wrong or not helpful, because again, they really are useful. I am just saying that isn’t exactly how it plays out in my style of creating. offers this one on picking the best title. offers 10 headlines that are a little different and sure to work

Problogger has this older, but I think still relevant post on how to draw readers in with your title

So yes, there is lots and tons of advice on the “best, most effective” method.

But none of them exactly fit the way I do it.  (nor do I have hundreds of thousands of followers, so trust your own intuition here – read on for more on that)

Woohoo, big rebel me.

I have a hard time writing to a topic specifically. I have an easier time finding a thread, as I did today in my musings, and letting intuition guide it for a few hundred words. After a few hundred words, the topic, theme, point becomes pretty clear. Using this method, sometimes you get the bonus of a couple of articles popping out!

Intuition is an amazing guide in just about everything – I would challenge you to find a situation where it is NOT an amazing guide. Go ahead, comment below if you have a nominee.

However, if I am right, if intuition is a fantastic guide to writing, then let intuition guide the words and the title will emerge as well.   I find that the opposite leads me to less authentic pieces and honestly just makes me feel a little fake which leads to nausea and nobody wants that.  Nobody likes nausea.

Being a soul who has committed to living life on her terms, trusting her intuition and living authentically, it just feels right to create the piece and let it name itself!  I tend to avoid the formulas, but I do incorporate title naming convention where it feels right – intuitively guided.

And by the way, this applies in other life areas as well (you knew this was coming didn’t you? I am an intuitive life coach after all!).  I use this technique when I am working on my torch with glass. I use it in planning, or not planning as the case may be, my time with my son.  I use it in shaping client experiences and guiding them through the art of living dangerously, living authentically and living right for them.

Let the path unfold before you, let the story write itself and be named. Live your Life Limitlessly. visit to learn more on the “how”